Best Penis Extender: 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results –
This material will answer all your questions, but it will also help choose a specific penis stretching device for your penis, which will improve your sex life substantially.
I would like to say right away that I tried all the 5 penis extenders in this review (i.e., I didn’t just put it on), and now I’m telling you what feelings I had about each one. I used each of them for at least a month, almost daily.
I documented my experience in this review so as not to forget anything, and I will gladly share with you my photos, videos, tips, recommendations, and opinions.
Best Penis Extender 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results
Best Penis Extender 2021 Rating
#1. Quick Extender Pro

Best Penis Extender 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results
Brief facts:
How does it work?
The Quick Extender Pro works best with the task of protecting against penis slipping. Its DSS (Double Strap Support) technology includes two penis attachments, which provide a secure fit and make the extender more comfortable to wear.
After all, you will have two support points for the penis in the structure, which reduces the load and distributes it throughout the shaft. In addition, you can rest assured that your skin does not become infected.
This is a fairly common problem with other penis extenders. The level of comfort, quality of materials, and construction of the Quick Extender Pro allow penis traction to work perfectly, bypassing the classic single loop or strap attachment.
Quick Extender Pro packages, price, and equipment
#2. Phallosan Forte
Best Penis Extender 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results
Brief review:
How does it work?
In the Phallosan Forte construction, the penis is held by a strap that tightens around the waist. You set the tension level with a clear indication and use the device for five to seven hours a day.
If you want to increase the load on the penis, which is important for its growth or straightening, you can use the special PLUS attachment, which allows you to secure the penis using a rigid structure. In this case, the pressure level can be increased up to 4800 gr with tension screws.
Such a penis extender design combines all the best from rod and strap devices and vacuum types. As a result, the construction turns out to be rigid, but the penis glans is comfortably held in the vacuum chamber. This is Phallosan Forte’smain advantage.
Phallosan Forte packages:
#3. Penimaster PRO
Best Penis Extender 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results
Brief review:
How does it work?
This penis extender also holds the penis glans in a vacuum chamber and offers attachment options, either with a strap or a rigid barbell construction. It’s worth noting the rigid attachment system included in the Penimaster PRO package is high quality, more functional, and efficient.
Why is that? The fact is the rods of Penimaster are made with the best quality, and the rigid construction is also suitable for men with a wide penis girth. It is more comfortable. More rods for fine-tuning and tension screws are as accurate as if it were a Swiss movement of an expensive watch.
I am delighted with Penimaster PRO. According to statistics, this device is often purchased based on user recommendations rather than advertising. This is an indicator that the product is worth buying.
#4. SizeGenetics
Brief review:
Developed by DanaMedic, this is one of the most famous extenders. It is most often searched for online, and it is not without reason. Let’shighlightitsmainadvantages:

Why choose Size Genetics?
Best Penis Extender 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results
Despite the variety of its various comfort accessories, the SizeGenetics design is 100% classic, as it meets all the standards that were established in the first Jes Extender penis enlargement device. It is worth noting that 20 years after the first penis extender’s release, the technology itself continues to work just as well.
The only changes are the design of penis stretching devices, comfort accessories, and some technologies. But generally speaking, SizeGenetics is still the effective penis extender device that it always was.
You can read the forums, Reddit to learn about which accessories are suitable for SizeGenetics and which ones feel more comfortable during use. It is the perfect basic penis enlargement device that has it all. I recommend choosing the Ultimate Comfort, which is the maximum package with all the accessories included.
#5. Male edge
Best Penis Extender 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results
Brief review:
This penis stretching device has a number of features. It is truly unique in its design, performance, and functionality.
Here are the main distinguishing features of Male Edge:
Why choose Male Edge?
Male Edge, produced by the well-known company DanaMedic, is ideal for providing penis traction technology. Choose this device if design matters to you and if you do not like the idea of ​​assembling and disassembling a device.
If you are looking to stretch your penis quickly and effectively, Male Edge is the perfect solution. This extender is inspiring to use because it doesn’t look like a medical device, which was psychologically easier and more comfortable for me.
How to choose the right extender for yourself
When you see a variety of extenders, it can be hard to know which one is the right choice for you according to your goals and objectives. After all, buying an extender is the first step towards enlarging or straightening your penis.So, two questions arise when it comes to deciding which type to purchase.
You have to imagine fully:
I went through all of this and know that the main thing is taking the right steps, so let me reassure you right away that it takes consistency and thoughtfulness.
Here’s how to act wisely:
Option 1: a barbell-strap device of the classic type like SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro, or Male Edge.
Option 2: vacuum extenders such as Phallosan Forte or Penimaster PRO. The barbell-strap devices work faster but are less comfortable. You won’t leave the house with them on, you will always feel them, and you cannot wear them for a long time.
The latter is more comfortable, anatomically correct, and does not result in side effects. Vacuum extenders can be worn for much longer than strap or loop barbells. You can even sleep with them if you use the strap as an attachment to the body.
Understand that penis traction technology makes the dream of penis enlargement or straightening come true, and it is permanent. Your penis will grow 1-3 inches long and about 1 inch in girth.
But for this, you need to work. Is it simple? No. Is it easy? No. Is it safe? Yes, if you do it correctly. If this is understood and your motivation is at its peak, it’s time to choose a routine for yourself.
So, I will be brief here: plan a program for wearing your penis extender device. You should use it every day with the correct settings at a specific time. Read about planning it better and know that systematic work with an extender is the golden rule.
 Why I decided to buy and use these devices
Like most men who are unhappy with their penis size, I was filled with self-doubt. Over the years, my small penis brought me continuous disappointments, resentments, and complexes. This cup of discontent took a long time to fill. I tried to convince myself that a small penis is not a hindrance to sex, and I listened to smart doctors.
But I’d ask my girlfriends if the size of the penis mattered to them, and they answered – YES.
They told me:
Perhaps that’s all! I held on as long as I could until it finally came time to change everything and increase my penis size by 3 inches. This is the result that I have achieved after 12 months of penis traction routine.
And in this review, I will tell you in detail about the 5 penis extenders I tried and the success that awaited me.
What tormented me before?
I could not relax during sex. I kept thinking that my penis was too small. This was reflected in the duration of my erection. I did not experiment, and the sex with my partner was boring and monotonous.
I was looking for an opportunity to enlarge my penis naturally.
Best Penis Extender 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results
I am happy that I chose the penis traction technology for penis enlargement, as various male enhancement pills and even penis pumps did not inspire confidence in me. My overall result is penis enlargement by 3 inches in length and 1 inch in width. I used the extenders for 12 months.
What about my results?
Penis growth was gradual, and the result was not uniform. I experienced pauses when using the penis stretcher devices as well as stagnation with the results. At the same time, I used the penis extendersregularly, quickly got used to the routine itself, and felt everything that was happening.
This is a job! And this must be understood. It can be uncomfortable; it’s just a matter of habit and discipline in your routine. I used Phallosan’s app to record my progress and my activities. It was convenient and simple.
Best Penis Extender 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results
Yes, it is important to monitor your feelings with the various extender settings. If you get confused, you won’t achieve the desired result. Therefore, it is so important to choose a penis extender according to your preferences and your body’s anatomical features.
Your concerns and the real picture of using the extender
If penis extenders were understandable to everyone, then almost every man would use one.
According to statistics:
All this should instill confidence in you that it works and produces results. It helps enlarge the penis due to cytokinesis. As for side effects, if used incorrectly, you will certainly encounter them. But if you follow the instructions, recommendations, and user advice, then you don’t need to be afraid.
How to use a penis extender for best results
It is important that the penis does not slip out of the structure when you’re wearing it. For this, penis stretchers such as SizeGenetics offer various accessories and tools.
Effective natural penis enlargement routines
The most of the men who use extenders also do the following:
Why all this? Because the results will be better and arrive faster. This is the approach that I took to stretch my penis: pumping and exercises. It increases blood circulation to the penis, which stimulates an erection along with the help of pills. All of this will work together better than just using an extender.
Frequently Asked Questions
Best Penis Extender 5 Stretchers Reviewed, Compared, and Tested for Results
Which penis extender should I choose?
To answer this question, you need to understand how quickly you want to get results and be ready to use a penis stretcher that can cause discomfort. What are your preferences in using the device?
Your choice depends on this. If you are a beginner and are ready to spend six to eight months on comfortable penis enlargement, choose the Phallosan Forte or Penimaster PRO vacuum device.
If your goal is to get everything done in three to four months, it is better to choose Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, or Male Edge. These are the bestrod extenders. They cannot be worn at night, are uncomfortable to wear outside the home, and can chafe and cause unpleasant sensations with prolonged use.
Can I hurt my penis using penis extenders?
Not if you are using a trusted penis enlargement device and you follow the instructions. If you bought a cheap Chinese copy of the device, it is possible to hurt yourself. In general, users who buy quality penis extenders are happy with the results and do not complain about side effects.
Is it difficult to customize the extender?
It’s as easy as getting familiar with a new phone. A penis stretcher is a simple device, and men rarely have questions about assembling it and putting it on. There are many videos, photos, instructions, and recommendations. All this is available for free.
How do I create my routine and record the results?
Your best bet is to use the Phallosan Forte app, which is available for iOS and Android. It is easy to set your parameters, take notes and follow a routine. This will be your strategy, and you can examine your progress.
Do I need a doctor’s consultation or prescription before using the device?
This is not necessary since the principle of operation of the extenders is simple and straightforward. Just like with a penis pump, you use it to create an erection. The extender is used to stretch the penis naturally. Its effectiveness is proven by medical reports published in journals and on reputable medical websites.
How can you continue to put up with a small penis length now that you have read this article and learned about safe, effective extenders that can enlarge your penis? How can you deal with penis curvature when it can be corrected without surgery?
Don’t forget about your new sex life; don’t throw away your dreams of becoming a good lover. As men, it is difficult to change our routine, and we often look for reasons not to because it’s easier. We always justify our decisions not to do something, rationalizing it with a thousand reasons.
But you can’t even imagine how it is to enlarge your penis until you do it. It is incredible. I passed, and I know it. If I had to, I would go through all this again. There’s nothing complicated – just the organization of the process and motivation.
And you will succeed with these penis traction devices:


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