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Pokémon are judged on their condition and moves across five categories: Coolness, Toughness, Cuteness, Beauty, and Cleverness.
   Pokémon Contests and their many guises were an experiment that began in Gen 3, returning in Gen 4 and Gen 6, with the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. Pokémon are judged on their condition and moves across five categories: Coolness, Toughness, Cuteness, Beauty, and Cleverness.
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Pokéblocks and Poffins made with spicy red berries can be given to Pokémon to increase their Coolness. They can also be given hold items that increase their condition in a given category, which increases Coolness being the Red Scarf. With the right fuel and moves, certain Pokémon can take Coolness contests by storm.
Seven out of the nine moves Beedrill learns by leveling up in Gen 3 are Cool moves, and although other kinds of moves are added in Gens 4 and 6, it still has Cool moves in the majority.
The Poison Bee Pokémon is a good one to teach the HM move Cut to, as it can be used outside of battle and in contests, with the ability to badly startle Pokémon that make good appeals in Gen 3.
In Gen 6, there are ten Cool moves to choose from with a fully-leveled Heracross, with a further ten able to be learned via TM. In Gen 3, the moves Leer and Double Team can be used in a contest combination.
Leer is particularly useful as if Heracross's Horn Attack is used in the next turn, it doubles the base Appeal points of the move, giving a total of 8.
Two of Hitmonlee's most potent moves in battle and in contests are Jump Kick and Hi Jump Kick. In Gens 3 and 6, both have 6 Appeal points, although with the caveat that the user is more easily startled after using them.
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In Gen 4, Jamming, the attribute that causes Pokémon to become startled in contests, was removed, and the highest number of Appeal points a move could have was 3, as with the Kick moves. Aside from these moves, Hitmonlee has a large array of appealing moves across the generations to use in Coolness contests.
With moves like Air Slash, Hyper Voice, and Hyper Beam, each with 4 Jamming points, Rayquaza has a lot of opportunities to startle other contestants. Dragon Claw, a TM move, can also be used to startle Pokémon that make a same-type appeal, but this only applies to Gen 3.
In terms of appealing moves, the Sky High Pokémon is spoilt for choice, with moves such as Twister and Extreme Speed, while Dragon Dance can be used to prevent nervousness.
Electabuzz has a whole host of Cool moves as part of its learnset across the three generations that have contests. From jamming moves like Thunder Wave and Iron Tail to appealing moves like Thunderbolt and Thunder Punch, there's a lot to pick and choose from.
In Gen IV, certain moves are more effective depending on each Judge's Voltage. For example, if Hyper Beam is used after a Pokémon just hit max Voltage, it will earn 3 extra Appeal points. Electabuzz can learn Hyper Beam via TM.
Sceptile has a decent pool of Cool moves to choose from across the generations. It should be noted that moves change in terms of effectiveness depending on the generation. For example, in Gen 3, False Swipe can be used to startle other Pokémon, it has no Appeal points but can raise the score if the Voltage is low.
And in Gen 6, it has 4 Appeal points and can make the audience grow bored when subsequent Appeal moves have little effect.
Apart from Ice Fang, which Gyarados doesn't get until Gen 4, the Atrocious Pokémon has the same five Cool moves as part of its learnset across the generations: Dragon Rage, Leer, Twister, Dragon Dance and Hyper Beam.
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Of these, Hyper Beam is the most potent, with 4 Appeal points and 4 Jamming points in Gen 6, but it comes with the catch of being unable to act in the next turn. Gyarados also has TM moves like Roar and Thunderbolt at its disposal.
Machamp has a good mixture of Cool and Tough moves, but the majority are Cool, particularly in Gens 3 and 4. In Gens 3 and 6, the move Submission has a massive 6 Appeal points, but a move this appealing has to come with a drawback, that being it becomes more easily startled after use.
Dynamic Punch can be used to startle the Pokémon that has the Judge's attention in Gen 3, while Focus Energy is also good for startling, with 3 Jamming points.
Dragonite has two moves that each have 4 Appeal and 4 Jamming Points in the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Contests: Outrage and Hyper Beam. In Contest Spectaculars, as they're known in the Gen 6 remakes, the amount of Appeal points for Outrage goes up to 6, but after using it the user will be more easily startled.
In Gens 4 and 6, Dragonite has a whopping 14 Cool moves in its learnset, and that's not even taking into account the TMs it can learn.
With so many useful Cool moves, Skarmory is an easy pick for entering in Coolness contests. Seven out of the ten moves the Armor Bird Pokémon can learn in Gen 3 are Cool, with even larger pools in Gens 4 and 6, giving the player a wide selection.
Of these, Air Slash is one of the most useful, as it has Appeal and also Jamming points. Slash, Peck, and Metal Claw are also good moves to have across all the generations. A Skarmory in a Red Scarf with the right moves is coolness personified.
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