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She made over eight million dollars in her first three years but Kim Constable – The Sculpted Vegan – now has her sights set firmly on making her first billion.
The Irish mother of four has always been ambitious and from an early age, she decided she wanted to make money – a lot of it. A former yoga teacher, it was when she turned to professional body-building that the pieces fell into place.
“I had been a vegetarian for years and switched to a vegan diet before I went into bodybuilding,” she says. “My trainer said he had no idea how to advise me on nutrition as he had never worked with a vegan before. When I went in search of a program I found there was nothing out there for me, so I started my own,” explains Kim.
Documenting every part of her training, and the diet she devised for herself, turned her life around and attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. “If you’re searching for information that simply isn’t there, chances are there are other people in search of it too. I simply filled a niche,” she continues.
Kim, who home-schools her children with her husband from their Belfast home, is a woman whose determination is inspiring. Once she sets a goal she accomplishes it, and she has been that way since she was a child growing up in rural Ireland. Her ambition to become a competition bodybuilder one year from the time she began her training came to fruition. Along with achieving her personal goal, she built a business that has made her a multi-millionaire.
“Most people go about business in the wrong way. They focus on trying to find more people for their programs, instead of more programs for their people. From the outset, I focused on supporting and serving my people more than I focused on finding more customers. This wasn’t a strategy, it’s just who I am,” she says.
Get Used To Being Uncomfortable
Kim is not a woman to mince words; she inspires people to get uncomfortable. “I tell people that success in life is in direct correlation to how many uncomfortable situations you can deal with. There’s no time for excuses, do the work and be consistent.”
With over 450,000 followers on her Instagram page and hundreds of thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel, Kim tells it like it is, and her followers love her down-to-earth style and her honesty. Taking responsibility to create the life you want is a message she sends out across the world and people, especially women, are signing up in their thousands.
“Women need to talk about money, embrace money, it’s part of the success story we need to tell ourselves,” says Kim. Being a wife and mother hasn’t held her back and her commitment to making time for her family comes down to her incredible time management skills. “I realized early on that if I wanted financial freedom, I had to do it myself. This doesn’t mean that other parts of my life have to suffer, it’s about finding the balance that works for you,” she advises.
Nobody Cares. Work Harder
She also famously says: “Nobody cares. Work harder.”
Why bodybuilding? Kim wants to live a long and happy life and decisions about her diet, her fitness, and her business all correlate with her ideals for the life she wants. And she has always loved muscles. As a teenager, she fell in love with the character Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton in The Terminator movies.
“She was just bad-ass, with her sunnies and the muscles, she looked so strong,” explains Kim.
As a long-term devotee of yoga, Kim looked at herself in the mirror one day and saw the signs of aging. She was long and lean but decided that building the muscles she had long admired was the answer to the issues she was experiencing. She was 37 years old when she fell in love with the gym.
“I bought fitness programs, I started lifting in the gym and I saw the changes taking place – I loved it. My only challenge was diet, how to change the habits I had which included living on 1200 calories a day. I tried it all and came up with a program that allowed me to stand on stage one year after I started bodybuilding while eating a purely vegan diet.”
Don’t be fooled by the current model of Kim Constable – she admits to being a wild child, partying her way through university when she was studying for her business degree. “I went through a period where I was only interested in smoking, drinking, and boys,” she laughs.
Having studied business, nutrition, and yoga, among other things, she settled down and started to work on her personal goals. She fell in love, got married, and went on to have four children.
“I was at home with my kids and was teaching yoga, and had created courses but I realized it wasn’t enough.” She upped the game and started The Sculpted Vegan from her kitchen table.
“I have always worked. Since I was a teenager I’d always had a job and worked hard but I never really felt valued,” she says. Her feelings are echoed by many women and are one of the keys to her success. So many women can relate – but how many can keep it up is another question.
“I say to women, if you are ok with sitting at home on the couch, medicated, overweight, and unhappy, then own it. It’s a choice. If you’re willing to push yourself and be consistent, you can get results, but it won’t be easy,” she advises.
Rather than make promises that results will come easily, Kim tells her followers it’s going to be hard. “You will hurt, you will want to give up but if you can keep going, never let yourself off the hook, then things will change.”
Having built the body she wants and a multi-million dollar business in just five years, rather than slowing down and enjoying her success, it has only motivated her to want more. Her ability to organize her time and delegate jobs to her growing staff allows her to focus on growth.
Her plans include launching a custom app for aspiring bodybuilders, a fitness wear label, new fitness programs, and an expanded coaching network to inspire the next generation of businesswomen.
What motivates her now? The knowledge that the more she makes, the more good she can do. “I’m a good person and I use my money to do good and build value,” she says. “When you are clear on your own values and know your worth, and what you can bring to the world, it’s easy to talk about money. It’s a simple shift of perspective,” she explains.
Kim Constable has always looked after people, she cares, it’s in her nature. Making money for the sake of it isn’t the point, she says, rather it’s about what you can bring to the world. While her dreams of being fantastically rich are now a reality, the future brings her more opportunities to share what she has learned and help others achieve their goals. For women, in particular, Kim is a shining example of having it all.
Family, success, health, money are all part of her program and her message is an inspiration to so many others. You don’t have to choose, you can have it all and enjoy life at the same time. If You have a dream and you’re willing to take the next step, Kim’s teachings are inspiring – be prepared to work at it, it will hurt but those who stay the course are those who will see serious life changes.
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