Android O feature spotlight: The time picker now has a manual text entry mode – Android Police
One small change you will notice in Android O is the ability to manually type the date and time when selecting a time. When, several versions of Android ago, Google changed the date and time picker from text-based to a monthly calendar and rolling clock, things did indeed look better and more interactive. However, that made precise minute selection more tedious and annoyed people who prefer text entry to fancy graphics and animations.
In Android O, the time picker (in Calendar, Clock, etc) gets one small added icon at the bottom left: a keyboard. Tapping it switches to text-based entry where you can manually type in the exact time.

Nougat's time picker (left). O adds a keyboard icon (middle) for manual entry (right).
It's a small change, but one that might make a few users quite happy. If you're one of them, I salute your love for raw numbers.
Thanks: +Fedor von Bock, Zachary Kew-Denniss
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