Sex offender arrested for threatening to 'purge' people playing Pokemon Go –
Nathan Garcia Cerda, 29, of Palmview in south Texas, was arrested July 16,2016  for threatening people playing Pokemon Go.
According to public records, Cerda is a registered sex offender.
A South Texas man who allegedly made threats to Pokemon Go players on Friday was arrested over the weekend. 
Nathan Cerda, 29, of Palmview said he was going to "purge" people playing at a Pokemon Go event near him, according to the Harlingen Police Department. Cerda threatened to use modified paintball guns and warned people to "not be walking around." 
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The Harlington police and the Cameron County District Attorney's Office initiated a criminal investigation on Cerda, according to the police department, which led to a felony warrant for a terroristic threat. 
On Saturday, Cerda was arrested by authorities. 
According to the state Department of Public Safety records, Cerda is a sex offender who is listed as a moderate risk. 
Palmview lies near the U.S.-Mexico border in southern Texas. 


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