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New set photo from The Flash shared on Twitter shows London's Senate House dressed up as the Central City Research Center for the upcoming DCEU movie.
A new set photo shared on social media has revealed a key location in Warner Bros' upcoming superhero film The FlashThe Flash represents Ezra Miller's first solo-outing as the eponymous hero since joining the DC Extended Universe in 2016 in Batman V Superman. Miller has since reprised the role for a brief cameo in Suicide Squad and fully in 2017's Justice Leagueand the actor also went on to appear in the Arrow finale and crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths. 
The Flash will see Miller travel back in time in an attempt to save his mother's life, but at the same time cause unintentional side-effects on his timeline. Ben Affleck is set to return as Batman, and the film will also feature Michael Keaton as an older version of Bruce Wayne, reprising his role from Tim Burton's 1989 Batman film. They will also be joined by Sasha Calle, who will join the DCEU as Supergirl, and Kiersey Clemons as Iris West.
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Filming on the Scarlet Speedster's first solo outing has been underway in the U.K. for several months, with Glasgow doubling as Gotham City and locations in London serving as The Flash's hometown of Central City. Now it seems that another key location for Miller's Barry Allen has been revealed through a set photo shared on Twitter by user WThe photo shows London's Senate House dressed up as the Central City Research Center, with the user describing the building as "Barry Allen's new place of work," although there is no guarantee of this as Barry has traditionally been a forensic chemist in the comics. Check out the photo below:
Looks like Senate House in London is doubling up Barry Allen’s new place of work! @theflashmovie #theflash
There appears to be no direct comparison for the Central City Research Center, though it's entirely possible that this could be a version of S.T.A.R. Labs, a scientific research facility with a number of divisions focusing in weaponry, extra-terrestrial research, and dimensional travel. The former is most interesting considering that The Flash will see Barry traveling back in time, and potentially to other locations in the multiverse. It's entirely possible that this will be where Barry is able to travel back in time, or, at the least, figure out how to do so.
Filming on The Flash was briefly delayed last month after a camera-operator riding a motorcycle collided with the Batcycle being used to film in Glasgow. The crew member was said to injured, but not seriously hurt, and filming has since re-commenced. It's good to see filming continuing elsewhere, and always interesting to see new locations teasing new information about the film. While little is known about The Flash other than its core premise, fans can hopefully expect a trailer at some point in the next few months ahead of the film's release in November 2022.
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