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A large percentage of men aren’t fully pleased with their current penis size. Most men want a bigger sized penis to achieve strong erections for better intercourse. One way of achieving a bigger penis is by using a male enhancement product like Bathmate penis pumps. Learn more about Bathmate pumps in the following review.

Introducing Bathmate penis pumps

Bathmate pumps are one of the premier male enhancement products available today. These pumps have been sold to more than one million customers and they feature a remarkable 95% success rate along with an average penis size increase of between three and five inches. Some of the main uses of Bathmate pumps include treating premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, rehabilitating after prostate surgery, increasing penis girth and length and also improving sexual pleasure.
Bathmate works by drawing more blood into the penis, which brings several benefits from stronger erections to penis growth. There are several Bathmate pumps available across three series, including Hydro, HydroMax and HydroXtreme.

How Bathmate Hydro increases penis length

Bathmate is an effective penis enlargement solution that works either in a bathtub or the shower. It uses a custom-made chamber to improve blood circulation into your genital area. It fills up the surrounding penile tissue with blood, thus creating stronger erections.
The first step of using a Bathmate Hydro device is to put your penis into the tube to create a tight, vacuum seal. Next, the pump will start pushing out water through a valve on one side. That pumping motion creates pressure in the tube, which promotes faster blood flow in your penis. The result is a faster erection, especially for those who were struggling with getting erections. Hence, Bathmate Hydromax products work by improving the blood flow into your penis to deliver impressive improvements in length and size.

Bathmate Hydro


The Hydro series of pumps from Bathmate are an updated design of the conventional penis enlargement pump. These products offer remarkable long-lasting gains while being more cost effective. Bathmate Hydro pumps are more than three times more effective compared to air pumps. Men with an average manhood size of around five to seven inches can benefit significantly from this range of products.
Summary of key features
  • Designed for men with a penis size of up to seven inches
  • Hydro7 is priced slightly above $100 and it is perfect for beginners

Bathmate HydroMax


The HydroMax range of penis enlargement pumps from Bathmate offers a better satisfaction rate amongst surveyed customers. More than 92% of men that used these pumps experienced significant positive results, thus making it one of the most renowned penis pumps. These Bathmate pumps can create more suction compared to Hydro pump versions along with nearly instantaneous results.
Bathmate HydroMax range features different sizes and models to ensure every man can get the most suitable product. The different models range from HydroMax3 and HydroMax 5 to Hydromax7 and HydroMax 9. The prices of Bathmate Hydromax line starts vary from $129 to $179 depending on the specific model.
Summary of key features
  • HydroMax features more suction compared to the basic hydro pump range
  • HydroMax covers more varieties of penis sizes from three inches to nine inches
  • Bathmate HydroMax are also more effective and provide better results than other pumps
  • The price of HydroMax starts from $129 to $179

Bathmate HydroXtreme


The final Bathmate series is called HydroXtreme and it is targeted towards experienced users that want to get maximum improvements in penis size much faster. These models feature an extra handball set that maximizes pressure while providing more suction than the other two versions. Bathmate sells five models within the HydroXtreme series and each of them comes with a convenient accessory kit.
Consumers can choose from anywhere between HydroXtreme5 and HydroXtreme11 to get a premier penis enlargement pump. The accessories include a cleaning kit, cushion rings and a travel case.
Summary of key features
  • Bathmate HydroXtreme features the world’s biggest penis pump, which is the HydroXtreme11
  • This premier product line is designed for men that have grown too big for other smaller penis enlargement pumps
  • All Bathmate HydroXtreme models come with an accessory kit
  • The price of Bathmate HydroXtreme models ranges from $249 to $399

Top reasons to buy Bathmate penis pumps

Here are the main reasons you will enjoy using your Bathmate pumps:
Get results almost instantaneously
Bathmate pumps work their magic instantly. Most men say that they were able to get stronger erections after only using the pump for less than half an hour.
No risk of injury
Air pumps can cause serious harm to your penis, especially when used incorrectly. In contrast, Bathmate offers users more pressure control, which increases safety. Furthermore, having the water cushioning your penis prevents it from expanding excessively and causing any injuries.
Comfortable to use
Bathmate pumps feel more comfortable on your penis as compared to conventional penis pumps. There is no chaffing or sore skin after using these pumps thanks to the comfort cushion and warm water.
Enhances your pleasure
After applying Bathmate and using it, you will discover that your blood circulation around your penis has increased significantly, which results in intense and more pleasurable intercourse. It is also worth noting that your stamina will improve significantly once you gain the confidence of having a larger manhood.

Tips to increase your penis size

Here are some practical ways you can improve the function and size of your penis:
Balanced lifestyle
A key part of improving your penis function to get more robust erections is to lead a balanced lifestyle. That means getting sufficient rest every night and exercising regularly. You should also limit various things like alcohol and nicotine, as they can affect your erections. Furthermore, you should also look for better ways to manage your stress.
Check your medication
Certain medications or prescription drugs can interfere with your natural sex drive, leading to erection problems. For instance, some blood pressure medicines and antidepressants can negatively affect your ability to get strong erections. Consult your doctor for guidance to find out whether your medications are interfering with your erections.
Maintain a decent weight
Losing some weight is an easy way to increase your size and make your penis look a bit larger. Hence, besides using your Bathmate pumps, you should also try to keep a healthy, balanced weight. In addition, adding sufficient foreplay may also help by giving yourself sufficient time to become erect.
Overall, using these tips alongside your Bathmate pumps will help you to achieve and maintain firmer erections that last for a long time. Most importantly, Bathmate has the potential to offer long-term penis growth, which makes it worth the investment.

Bathmate HydroPumps key features

Here are some of the main features associated with Bathmate hydropumps:
International penis measuring guide
A common challenge that faces first time uses of penis enlargement pumps is knowing the right amount of pressure to use for maximum results. Fortunately, Bathmate offers an international penis measuring guide that can help you to track your improvements. The guide is convenient and it gives you a way to measure your progress over time.
Highly effective penis enlargement products
Bathmate penis enlargement solutions are highly effective as compared to other supplements or techniques. These products use the best technology to deliver instant improvement in your penis girth and length measurements. Many users have reported huge changes in their overall penis size after using Bathmate products. Most importantly, Bathmate offers better penis enlargement outcomes without causing any pain or adverse reactions.
Discreet shipping
Bathmate is committed to protecting their customer’s privacy by offering discreet packaging and shipping. That means you will not have to be anxious about other people knowing that you ordered a penis enlargement product. In addition, these products come with a risk-free satisfaction guarantee that protects your investment. Their customer service representatives are always happy to answer your questions.
Latch valve
The other important feature of Bathmate pumps is the latch valve, which creates a watertight seal in the pump to prevent water from leaking. This means you can safely disconnect the pump from the shower or bathtub without any water leaking. Overall, Bathmate pumps are easy to use and highly effective for most men.
Safety features
Bathmate penis pumps are meant to work for at least half an hour per session. Furthermore, the water pumping pressure should be within the prescribed limits to avoid injury. The product comes with several useful safety features that help in preventing misuse and injury. The safety features include emergency release shut-off valves. Additionally, you can also use some lubricant when using your Bathmate pump to avoid bruising your skin. The lubricant will help to reduce the friction or irritation on your skin while still producing amazing results.

Advantages of using Bathmate penis pumps

There are numerous advantages of using Bathmate penis pumps and they include the following:
Enhances erection
As mentioned above, Bathmate pumps work by improving the blood circulation in your penis. The result of enhanced blood circulation is that you get much better erections. In addition, the improved blood circulation is also beneficial for men with various erection issues like premature ejaculation or ED. These pumps are highly revolutionary and they have successfully helped numerous men across the world who suffer from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
Improves penis girth and length
If you want a mix of instant and permanent improvements in your penis girth and length, then look no further than the Bathmate range of penis enlargement pumps. These products offer rapid and effective results, with many men seeing a visible improvement after less than half an hour of usage. Most users report experiencing an increase of around three to four inches in both length and girth after using Bathmate pumps.
Improves sexual performance
A large part of your sexual performance is linked to your overall confidence levels. That is why men who are anxious about their penis size tend to perform poorly and are often unable to satisfy their partners. Fortunately, you can use a Bathmate pump to regain your confidence by increasing your penis size. The obvious benefit of a bigger penis is a better and more pleasurable intercourse experience due to bigger erections. In addition, the increased blood circulation in your penis will also contribute to more stamina, which allows you to completely satisfy your partner.

How to choose the most appropriate Bathmate product?

There are several Bathmate models available today and it can be challenging to choose the most appropriate product. Nevertheless, there are a few considerations that can help you choose the right model that fits your unique needs. The Hydromax range is mainly targeted to men with a bigger penis size that are looking for increased girth or a strong workout. Here are the main considerations to ensure you get the best Bathmate enlargement pump for your unique goals:
Current penis size
The first step before ordering any Bathmate pump is to measure your current penis length. Ideally, you should measure yourself when the penis is erect and then pick a Bathmate pump that is nearest to your penis size. Remember to always go for a bigger pump than your current penis size to leave enough room for making improvements.
Determine your reasons for penis enlargement
The other essential consideration when choosing a penis enhancement pump is to figure out the reasons you are buying such a product. For instance, some men may have various sexual issues like weak erections, small penis size, lack of stamina or erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there are plenty of Bathmate pumps available today that are specifically designed to address various penile issues such as:
Penis enlargement: Bathmate HydroXtreme pumps are the latest and most technologically advanced products that can deliver a significantly larger penis for all men without having to undergo surgery or use any pills. These pumps offer high pressure settings, strong and fast erections.
Increasing sexual pleasure: If your goal is to improve your intercourse experience for both yourself and your partner, then you can try using Bathmate Hydro7. This model is ideal for beginners that are interested in spicing up their intimacy.
Fighting erectile dysfunction: Men struggling with ED are advised to pick any model from the HydroMax range of Bathmate products. These Bathmate models will give you greater stamina and longer lasting erections.
The official website is the best place to buy the industry leading hydro penis pump. Investing in a penis enlargement pump often involves a steep price, but it is usually worth the effort. The key here is to go with the premium models as they guarantee safety and better outcomes. In contrast, cheaper pumps will often break easily and will also not deliver the penis enlargement outcomes that you desire. Ideally, you should expect to spend over $100 for a top-quality and highly effective penis pump. Furthermore, it is better to use water-based enlargement pumps as they are generally safer and more comfortable to use.

Usage instructions for Bathmate penis pumps

The usage directions for Bathmate penis pumps are relatively straightforward as most men find these products to be very simple and comfortable to use. These water-based penile enlargement solutions are meant to be used at home in your shower or bathtub. Alternatively, you can also use these products in your bedroom if you want more comfort and privacy. Listed below are some of the key steps when using your Bathmate pump at home:
Start by taking a relaxing warm shower to loosen your whole body and also your scrotum area
Next, fill the Bathmate pump with warm water while holding the bottom part to prevent water from escaping the pump.
Once the pump is full of water, you can proceed to put your manhood inside the Bathmate pump. Ensure it fits tightly around the base of your penis to get a tighter, vacuum seal.
Finally, you can press the pump’s valve to change the pressure inside the tube and start getting the benefits of faster and stronger erections

How to get the best results when using Bathmate pumps

The overall effectiveness of your Bathmate pumps will depend on a few actions that you take both before, during and after using this product. It is vital to use your Bathmate pump properly to guarantee better and more satisfying outcomes. Here are a few tips to improve your Bathmate pumping sessions to improve your gains:
Start slowly
There is no need to rush when using penis enlargement pumps since you can encounter many challenges with these products. For instance, a common error that many men make while using these pumps is using excessive pressure, which often results in ruptured blood vessels and bruised genitals. Hence, the key here is to start slowly while you get used to your Bathmate pump. Use low pressure pump settings and lower time intervals to give your body sufficient time to adjust to the pumping sensation without experiencing lots of discomfort or pain. Beginners should aim for at least ten-minute sessions with considerably low pumping pressure and then increase both with time.
Warm up
Doing a few warming up exercises before using your Bathmate pump is highly recommended. The light workouts and stretching routines will put your body in the most optimal state for penis enlargement. Some of the areas that you can stress include your upper body, groin area, buttocks and thighs, to eliminate any tightness around these areas. In addition, you can add a brief job or pushup exercise to enhance blood circulation across your body. All these warm up exercises will relax and loosen your penile tissues to ensure they are primed and ready for pumping.
Add jelqing
Jelqing refers to a unique penis stretching workout that makes your manhood thicker or longer. It usually involves stretching and massaging your penis to move blood across your tissues. These simple stretching and pulling movements will put your penis in the most optimal state in readiness for the Bathmate pumps. Furthermore, jelqing can also contribute to more powerful erections along with greater stamina in bed, which translates into increased pleasure.

Can Bathmate treat erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction affects millions of men across the globe. A man with ED will often find it hard to maintain or attain a sufficiently firm erection for intercourse. This problem not only interferes with sexual performance but also your overall quality of life. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, ranting from anxiety and depression to stress and other diseases. While ED is a treatable health condition, many men are usually reluctant to ask for help when they get this problem as they consider it to be very embarrassing.
Luckily, Bathmate is an effective solution that can treat erectile dysfunction without having to use risky and costly surgical procedures. Bathmate was extensively researched and designed by experienced urologists and other experts. This FDA-approved penis enlargement device can improve blood circulation in your penis to deliver longer lasting effects with limited risks or side effects. Furthermore, besides offering reasonably priced treatments, Bathmate also has CE-certification for quality and safety.

Does Bathmate have any side effects?

There have been significant developments in the penis enhancement industry over the last few years. Historically, these male enlargement pills typically featured low quality materials and they also caused several adverse reactions. Fortunately, the new Bathmate range of penis enhancement models feature top-notch medical-grade features that are safe on your skin and free of any chemical irritants. That means users can rest assured that they will get all the benefits of a bigger penis without any issues or side effects.
Bathmate pumps are completely safe to use because they have been approved and certified by the FDA. However, there are a few things to remember when using your Bathmate pumps. For instance, these pumps may not work effectively for all users. Secondly, since you are supposed to increase the pump pressure over time, it means that your penis could grow significantly bigger than the average size. Furthermore, there is also a possibility of bruising your penis if you use this product repeatedly.

What results should you expect with Bathmate pumps?

Research shows that penis size has a huge influence on your person’s perception of your attractiveness. Men with a bigger penis are generally rated more attractive and masculine compared to their counterparts with smaller penis sizes. Fortunately, the groundbreaking Bathmate pumps can improve your sexual appeal by increasing your penis size significantly. These pumps can give you a 30% increase in both girth and length of your penis. However, the only way to attain these huge improvements is by using your Bathmate regularly for at least six months. This product is FDA-approved and it has also been extensively tested to produce great results.

Bathmate penis pump vs. penile enlargement surgery

While surgery may seem like an instant fix for men suffering from a smaller sized penis, it is not always the best solution. That is mainly because surgery often carries plenty of risks. In addition, besides being more invasive, penis surgery is also more costly as compared to buying a penis pump.
In contrast, Bathmate hydro penis pumps are highly effective at enlarging your penis without any significant risks. They are easy to operate and they work by increasing blood circulation into your penis. Hence, these pumps are the best option for anyone interested in a bigger manhood and better intercourse experience.

Can you use Bathmate together with other penis enlargement solutions?

While Bathmate pumps are highly effective, you can always add other manhood enlargement solutions into your routine to achieve faster or better results. For instance, you can consider combining your pump with a suitable supplement or penis extender device.
Male enhancement supplements work internally to boost your health and increase blood circulation to your genital area. These supplements will give your stronger and longer lasting erections. Meanwhile, penis extenders work by increasing your penis girth and length with time, while providing better shaft curvature. Adding these tools to your Bathmate routing will potentially give you much better results.

Does Bathmate have a money-back guarantee?

Bathmate is one of the most respected brands in the male enhancement sector due to their top-quality products and friendly customer service. You can rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable brand when buying Bathmate products. The firm also offers users a hassle-free 60-day refund policy on all its products.
The aim of this money back guarantee is to ensure that any unsatisfied client gets their full refund as quickly as possible. That means you can return your Bathmate enlargement pump within the first 60 days of purchase to get your complete refund.

Bathmate FAQs

Does Bathmate work?
Bathmate pumps have not undergone analysis to get approval from the FDA. While the device has been shown to increase your penis girth and length significantly, no Bathmate penis pumps have FDA approval status eyt. Most men that have used this product have seen significant improvements in their penis length and circumference, usually by more than two inches. Even though there is limited medical research about these products, most Bathmate online reviews feature highly positive results from happy men across the world. One customer reported that he gained more than two inches after using a Bathmate pump for only two months. That is significant penis growth and it makes these pumps the best alternative for gaining penis size as compared to undergoing surgery or using male enhancement supplements.
How long till you get results with Bathmate?
Patience is important when using natural male enhancement products. Hence, while Bathmate pumps are highly effective at delivering a bigger penis size, the process usually takes time. That means you can start getting significant results after using the pump for more than six months. Using the pumps as regularly as possible guarantees the best outcomes.
What results should you expect with Bathmate pumps?
Bathmate penis enlargement pumps are an effective way of increasing your penis size. Unlike other male enhancement solutions, Bathmate models have a significantly high success rate of around 96% and they can boost your penis length by three to four inches and more than two inches for the girth. However, these results may vary between different men.
Regular use of Bathmate will promote permanent penis growth. That is why these products stand out when compared to other temporary solutions like using surgery or pills. The disadvantage of medical interventions is that they demand costly upkeep fees and they only offer temporary results.
Why are Bathmate pumps more effective than other male enhancement pumps?
The major factor that differentiates Bathmate pumps from other typical male enhancement pumps is the fact that they use water instead of air pressure. The use of water means that Bathmate models are not only more convenient but also more comfortable on your skin while pumping. These products also use a straightforward design that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance to avoid mold or bacteria accumulation.
Bathmate pumps are ideal for long-term use without causing any pain. The patented hand pumping system can be quickly adjusted within a few seconds to get optimal results. Furthermore, these units feature several interchangeable nozzles to maintain personal hygiene and keep the unit clean at all times.

Final Verdict

Bathmate pumps are truly remarkable and they offer outstanding results when it comes to penis enhancement. If you have been wondering how to deal with a small penis or erectile dysfunction, then you should consider getting a Bathmate penis pump. It is not only effective and affordable, but it is also designed to improve stamina by giving you stronger erections that can last for many hours. Regular use of these Bathmate pumps will eliminate all your premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction problems.
Most importantly, Bathmate pumps offer a natural and less-invasive way to grow your penis. Unlike surgery, which carries huge risks and is quite costly, these pumps can offer almost instantaneous improvements within a few hours of usage. You will notice improved blood circulation, stronger erections, fewer issues of premature ejaculation and intense orgasms with only a couple sessions of pumping every week. In addition, maintaining and using your Bathmate pump is also very easy since you just need to add water.
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