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It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. 
Dark opened with clips of CM Punk’s big return on Friday in the United Center and a brief All Out promo for Punk vs. Darby Allin. These matches were recorded on Friday in Chicago prior to Rampage.
Taz and Excalibur were joined by Ricky Starks for the first few matches. 
Thunder Rosa defeated Heather Reckless (2:23)
This was Reckless' AEW debut. Rosa looked great, hitting Reckless with an avalanche dropkick and scoring a near fall with a double underhook suplex. Reckless made a brief comeback, but Rosa caught her in a Russian leg sweep and the Peruvian necktie for the tapout. 
News for both All Out and Dynamite was announced in a segment narrated by Taz:
The Varsity Blonds (w/ Julia Hart) defeated Ren Jones & Brayden Lee (2:36) 
This match was just a quick squash for the Blonds to shine before getting beaten by the Lucha Bros on Dynamite tomorrow night. Griff Garrison hit the roaring elbow on Jones and Brian Pillman Jr. hit the Air Pillman which set him up for the pin from Garrison. 
Powerhouse Hobbs (w/ Hook) defeated Captain Shawn Dean (0:38) 
Dean is from Chicago and got the hometown pop. Dean started off fast, catching Hobbs with a dropkick and a DDT. Hobbs immediately came back with a spinebuster and finished off Dean with the Town Business in under a minute.
After the match, Hook choked out Dean with a dragon sleeper in the corner (standing on the middle ropes for additional leverage) while Hobbs beat on him. Starks emerged from the commentary booth with a house mic to cheer on his stablemates. 
Dr. Britt Baker Interview 
Tony Schiavone interviewed Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker and her crew: Rebel and Jamie Hayter. It was all about Red Velvet who Hayter will face on Wednesday. Baker tried to rechristen Chicago “Brittago” and actually got a light chant going for it. Just as Hayter was about to address the crowd, Velvet ran in to attack but was overpowered by Hayter. It looked like Baker and Hayter were setting up for a curb stomp on the women’s belt, but Kris Statlander ran in to chase the heels away. 
Dante Martin defeated Alan “5” Angels (5:01)
Both men looked excellent in this match and Martin got a huge reaction from the capacity crowd. Angels hit a spectacular moonsault from the middle rope onto the floor early while Martin later hit a double jump springboard moonsault for a near fall. They fought over to the apron and Martin took him down. Angels followed up with a flatliner into a koji clutch, but Martin was able to counter it into a pin attempt and Angels had to break the hold. Martin scored the pinfall after a straight jacket death valley driver and his impressive singles run continues.
The Lucha Brothers (w/ Alex Abrahantes & PAC) defeated Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto (w/ QT Marshall) (6:07)
The Brothers and the Blonds have their semifinal match in the Tag Team title eliminator tournament tomorrow night, but as we learned, Solo and Comoroto will face The Gunn Club as well. This was a great preview for both teams ahead of tomorrow night. 
Penta El Zero Miedo took off his glove and tossed it to Abrahantes who dropped it and got booed by the crowd. So, they repeated the spot and the crowd cheered. With that bit of silliness out of the way, Comoroto and Solo had some success double teaming Penta. It didn’t last long as Penta got the tag to Rey Fenix who took care of both his opponents. On the floor, the Brothers got into it with the Blonds who were sitting at ringside.  
Back in the ring, Solo caught Fenix with a German suplex for a two count. Solo hit a corkscrew kick for another near fall. Fenix came back with a series of kicks on both his opponents and got the tag to Penta who hit both Solo and Comoroto with suplexes. Penta hit Solo with Made in Japan for two. Penta set up Solo for the package piledriver, but Comoroto ran with a clothesline and Solo hit a jackknife cover for two. After a double team cutter and a double team Jay driller on Solo, Penta covered Solo for the win. This was good stuff.
Dark Order (John Silver and 10) defeated Kal Herro & Isaiah Moore (1:51)
Alex Reynolds was not in this match because his wife had a baby. 10 hit a powerbomb on Moore and Silver followed up with a helicopter slam. 10 then got the pin to finish a quick squash. 
Best Friends (Orange Cassidy, Wheeler Yuta & Chuck Taylor w/ Kris Statlander) defeated TH2 & Matt Hardy (w/ The Bunny and The Blade) (7:02) 
Cassidy and Hardy have a singles match against each other tomorrow night.
Cassidy outwrestled Angelico early on. Yuta and Jack Evans had a similar exchange and Yuta outwrestled him. Taylor got both the tag and a near fall on Evans, but ate a forearm from Hardy and got the heels the advantage. Hardy worked over Taylor in the heel corner. Hardy hit a hangman’s neckbreaker on Taylor and then taunted Cassidy by putting his hands in his pockets. But, Hardy then walked into a Soul Food from Taylor and Yuta got the tag. 
Angelcio got the tag for his team and Yuta hit a series of dropkicks on both members of TH2, then Hardy, and then the Blade to send them all to the floor. Yuta then hit all four of them with a springboard crossbody. Back in the ring, Taylor hit Angelico with an uranage followed by Yuta and Cassidy splashes off the top rope. TH2 got a near fall after a double stomp/back suplex combo on Cassidy. Hardy hit a side effect on Cassidy and Angelico got another near fall.
The babyfaces managed a triple suplex on both members of TH2 while the ref was distracted by the Blade when he attempted to interfere. Yuta hit a German suplex on Angelico and Evans hit Yuta with a standing skytwister press. This led to the confrontation everyone wanted to see between Hardy and Cassidy.
After the shin kicks, Cassidy hit a spinning DDT on Hardy, but Evans pulled Hardy out before Cassidy could hit the Orange Punch. Finally, Cassidy got the pin on Angelico by sitting down on a sunset flip and cradling his legs while putting his hands in his pockets. 
After the match, Cassidy hit Angelico with the Orange Punch and the group hug with all the Best Friends closed out the show. 
Final Thoughts:
This is how the show should be every time, especially using it to announce important developments like new matches for Dynamite and new matches for pay-per-views. Even if those things were announced on social media first, adding it to the YouTube show makes Dark feel more important. 
The Lucha Brothers vs. Solo and Comoroto match and the main event are well worth checking out. 
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