The cities you can fly to from Houston for under $200 –
School’s out. Time for you (and perhaps your family too) to get away. We scoured the travel site Kayak to see the consistently cheapest destinations you can fly to from Houston this summer.
The results come from an unscientific experiment, where we looked at trips around the U.S. and in nearby countries during a week in the middle of July and another week in late August. The routes that frequently showed flights under $200 during those periods are featured in the gallery above.
Three cities in particular — New Orleans, Atlanta and Denver — had round trip airfare for less than $150 throughout most of the summer. Some flight to New Orleans, which is also a five hour drive from Houston, cost less than 100 bucks.
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There are some caveats of course that come with these savings. You’ll probably have to fly in the middle of the week to get the cheapest deal. And yes, you’ll still pay a premium if you’re trying to take off on or around the Fourth of July. In addition, the best deals often are offered by no-frills budget airlines.
You’ll need to take Frontier to get to Denver or Las Vegas. For many other destinations, you must board the dreaded dreaded Spirit Airlines, considered by many to be the worst U.S.-based airline (I’ve flown it at least a dozen times and have never had a problem; just pack light and be aware of all their fees and how to avoid them).
On the other hand, almost all of these low-priced flights also are nonstop.
Start planning your vacation now. Figure out the economical destination you want to visit in the gallery above.
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