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On A Pole matches tend to be memorable, but these stood out for all the wrong reasons.
The use of a pole in the wrestling world will surprise the non-viewer. A concept of putting an item on a pole as wrestlers fight each other to reach it first is silly to explain. However, the match stipulations in wrestling have ranged silly to downright strange. WCW and WWE each used the pole matches for some of the oddest match stipulations to ever come from the entire wrestling industry.
We will look at what the story was behind some of the pole matches that stand out. Even though all pole matches are odd in theory, there were On some versions of the match to cross the line into another dimension. Find out just what exactly caused these matches to exist in the history of wrestling. These are the top ten most ridiculous matches to feature something “on a pole.”
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WCW had so many pole matches at one point that they needed a new name for one. Booker T and Jeff Jarrett squared off on Monday Nitro for the WCW Championship. There were four mystery boxes at each of the four corners of the ring.
The first three boxes included comedic items like a blowup doll, a coal miner's glove and a picture of Scott Hall. Booker opened the fourth box to find the WCW Championship, but it fell to the floor. Ring announcer Dave Penzer handed it to Booker to make the ending controversial as much as it was strange.

WWE used to look for any excuse to have the women’s division dress in skimpy festive-themed outfits for the various bigger holidays. Christmas would see some of the more unbelievable ones like the Mistletoe on a Pole Match here.
All the divas battled each other with the winner getting the mistletoe and having the option to kiss any wrestler on the roster. Brie Bella pulled off the victory, but she never actually picked a wrestler to kiss as the angle was dropped altogether.
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The chair used to be the most dangerous weapon in wrestling, but it started to become used commonly in the 90s. WCW decided they needed a pole to add more flair to the chair weapon with this unique match stipulation between lower mid-carders.
Meng and Crowbar battled with the Chair on a Pole Match deciding which man could use the weapon. Crowbar won the match by grabbing the chair a few minutes into the match, but both men continued fighting for it as others eventually interfered.

WWE ran a storyline where The Miz was fired and looked for any way back into the company. A strange match was formed as the debuting Calgary Kid faced off with veteran Eugene as both men battled to grab the contract from the pole and become part of WWE.
Calgary Kid pulled off the win in obvious fashion and unmasked to reveal he was The Miz. WWE went with the obvious route instead of going for a more creative way to bring Miz back. This was one of the final few pole matches in WWE.

The UFC background of Tank Abbott earned him a contract and plans of a huge push when Vince Russo was running WCW. Abbott entered a feud with fellow tough wrestler Big Al despite the fans not investing much energy into their segments.
The Leather Jacket on a Pole Match decided which would win the match upon grabbing the jacket. Abbott won the horrible match and WCW never went through with his main event push. Fans remember Abbott as a bust and barely remember Big Al at all.

The start of the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon storyline as a married couple featured them abusing power running the WWE. Mankind and The Rock were the two most beloved wrestlers that stood in the way of Triple H and Stephanie having complete control.
The heels booked Rock and Mankind to face off with a Pink Slip on a Pole Match. Rock won the match, but Mankind received the pink slip for losing the bout. Triple H and Stephanie were forced to hire back Mankind after Rock hijacked the show for his friend.
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Vince Russo clearly didn’t have much of a filter in WCW when looking at some of the matches he booked. The cruiserweight division delivered the best in-ring work of the mid-90s, but Russo completely changed that philosophy by trying to make them comedic acts.
WCW would put the Cruiserweight Championship on the line in a Pinata on a Pole Match. The commentary featured offensive impressions to match a horrible match. Dr. Death Steve Williams interfered to destroy the smaller wrestlers in an angle that went nowhere.

The divas division once again found their way into another embarrassing match stipulation here. WWE loved to place the entire division together into one match typically with a random prize on the line. This Fuzzy Dice on a Pole Match had a Women’s Championship title shot on the line.
Maria Kanellis won the match, but it just highlighted the issue of the division at the time. WWE would put the contender spot on the line with the first person to grab fuzzy dice gaining a title shot. The women’s division has luckily changed for the better.

WCW started going overboard with the pole matches once Vince Russo was in control. This match featured things getting even stranger with Buff Bagwell facing off against Chris Kanyon. Buff’s mother Judy Bagwell started showing up at Nitro.
Russo pitched the idea of Kanyon abducting Judy and demanding she placed on a pole for his match against Buff. The two faced off in a stinker as Judy was essentially on top of a forklift. To make things stranger, David Arquette interfered trying to help Kanyon. Buff overcame the odds and freed his mother.

The strangest pole match in wrestling history took place in WCW during a feud between Shane Douglas and Billy Kidman. Torrie Wilson turned on her former boyfriend Kidman to become an item with Douglas. The hope was that Wilson would help Douglas’ act like Francie did in ECW.
Kidman accused Douglas of using Viagra which led to the bottle of the male enhancement pills being placed on a pole. Both men tried to force the other to use the Viagra after Kidman grabbed it. Douglas eventually won the match with a pin thanks to a Torrie distraction.
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