Giddyup Houston, it's National Cowboy Day –
Dust off your boots: Saturday, June 26 marks the 10th annual Day of the Cowboy. According to its website, it's a day that's set aside to preserve "pioneer heritage and cowboy culture."
There's definitely no shortage of cowboy culture here in the Lone Star state. From ranches to honky tonks, western culture is a way of life. The traditions are as old (and even older) than the state itself.
Don't worry, cowgirls: we've got you covered. Keep clicking to check out our favorite cowgirls, both real and fictional.

Pictured above is American sharpshooter Annie Oakley (1860 - 1926) as she loads a shotgun near a table display of adorned with various marksmanship medals, late 1800s. The photograph was used to advertise her performances with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.
Ladies and gentlemen, or should we say cowboys and cowgirls, there is no better day to be a Texan than National Cowboy Day. Even though we don't need an excuse to wear our boots, plaid shirts, and hats, this holiday gives us the best one yet. 
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The National Day of the Cowboy is making an effort to shed light on and preserve the pioneer heritage and the cowboy culture. Old westerns have helped establish the stereotype that the cowboy  lifestyle was only for men, but that is not the case.
Take a look at these real life (and imagined) cowgirls.
Daniela Sternitzky-Di Napoli is a digital producer for and the Houston Chronicle.


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