Here’s why Ashley Madison doesn't have as many cheaters as they say –
374,542 accounts
268,171 accounts
251,813 accounts
222,982 accounts
218,125 accounts
213,847 accounts
186,795 accounts
181,918 accounts
179,129 accounts
162,444 accounts
156,572 accounts
135,294 accounts
123,559 accounts
118,857 accounts
110,859 accounts
107,021 accounts
99,157 accounts
97,736 accounts
Houston seems to be a city full of cheaters. Although the data leaked by hackers on extramarital affairs site, Ashley Madison, might not be all it seems.
Hackers followed through on their threat to release account information for users of the site that claims almost 40 million users in 46 countries. Multiple reports from security experts have confirmed the leak as authentic. And data analysts that have scrutinized the enormous file – which includes names, addresses and credit card information – have made some interesting discoveries.  
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One Reddit user listed world cities by number of users: Sao Paulo, the Brazilian metropolis, topped the list (which looked at areas by “city proper”) with the most accounts. New York placed second, followed by Sydney, Australia. The city with the second most accounts in the U.S. happens to be Houston. You can see the top 20 Ashley Madison cities in the gallery above.
But here’s why that information should be taken with caution. The data visualization doesn’t necessarily show the cities with the most cheaters, but instead cities where Ashley Madison sees its largest markets. The site has even previously boasted about which Houston neighborhoods have the most affairs
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Not everyone who has an account on the site has had an affair. And not everyone who has an account has even signed up for Ashley Madison. The website doesn’t even verify its email accounts, The Intercept reported last month.
That move could help show growth without actually boosting the plenty of fish in the sea. Ashley Madison must feel good about prospects in Australia. The country has a smaller population than Texas but three of the top 15 cities for "cheaters."
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What’s another way to show growth? Hiring someone to create fake female profiles in market areas where Ashley Madison wants to entice more men to register. A Brazilian woman living in Canada filed a lawsuit against the company saying she hurt her wrists creating some 1,000 fake profiles for the site in Portuguese. The lawsuit, which asked for $20 million, was tossed by a court in Ontario in January)
The site, where the majority of users are male, even admits in its terms of service that fake profiles exist and you’ll be charged for communicating with them. The fake profiles are “not conspicuously identified” profiles since they’re “for entertainment purposes,” the Guardian wrote in July, in regards to the site’s terms of service.
The terms of service don’t say exactly that anymore. But the site still states:
You acknowledge and agree that any profiles of users and Members, as well as, communications from such persons may not be true, accurate or authentic and may be exaggerated or based on fantasy.


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