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The patch also tunes weapons for zombies and adds Outbreak’s main quest
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is getting a massive balance patch as part of season 3’s midseason update. The season 3 Reloaded patch brings balance changes to all of the game’s sniper rifles and assault rifles in every mode, and it updates the tuning for weapons in the Zombies mode.
This patch’s sniper rifle tuning was focused on making each of them a little more distinct. The biggest change Treyarch made to accomplish that was giving each of the snipers a new and special flinch animation that makes each of them behave slightly differently than the other weapons in the category. The developer also gave each sniper unique ADS momentum, to make scoping in feel different with each gun. All this comes on top of several balance changes as well.
Treyarch also wanted to differentiate assault rifles from one other, as well as to make them distinct from submachine guns. To do this, the developer upped the bullet velocity on every rifle — except the FFAR 1 — to give them a bigger advantage at long range.
There are even more changes in this patch beyond weapon-tuning, although they had already been announced by Treyarch before the update got released. Among those other changes are the addition of the main Easter egg quest in Zombies’ Outbreak mode. The first part of the quest has finally been added to the game, and more parts will be added throughout season 3 and season 4, all leading up to the release of a new round-based Zombies map.
Speaking of maps, this patch also adds the new Standoff 6v6 map, which was originally released in Black Ops II, and the Duga, a multi-team map set in the Ural mountains. Season 3 Reloaded includes a baseball bat as a new weapon, with the promise of the new AMP63 machine pistol coming later in the season. This patch also features an ’80s Action Hero theme and includes a few additions related to that, such as new game modes based around the Die Hard and Rambo film franchises.
For a full look at all the changes coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as part of the season 3 Reloaded patch, you can check out Treyarch’s full patch notes. The new patch is set to go live at midnight E.T. on May 20.
In this update, we’re revising sniper rifles with two goals in mind:
To those ends, the following updates have been made:
Custom Flinch: We’ve created a sniper-specific flinch that moves the weapon aim while being hit. This flinch is more pronounced in ADS. Attachments that reduce flinch have been factored into this feature update.
ADS Momentum: ADS (Aim Down Sight) Momentum is now individualized for each sniper rifle. ADS Momentum is that feeling of weightiness as the weapon exits and re-enters ADS. You feel this when you rapidly exit and enter ADS, without fully returning fully to the hip position. Heavier sniper rifles will now feel weightier and re-acquire ADS slower accordingly. Please note that ADS Momentum is not used when entering ADS from the full hip-fire position.
As the next step in making each sniper rifle stand out even further in its own right, we’ve made the following changes across the weapon class. As always, we’re committed to evaluating and adjusting weapon stats as necessary once these updates are live based on game data and feedback.
LW3 - Tundra
This is the baseline of our sniper rifles. It is lenient enough in its one-hit kill capacity while being fast enough to scan the horizon and find new targets quickly. This weapon is meant to be geared for most players to play with and have fun experiencing what it’s like to be a sniper in Black Ops Cold War. The following changes better define the weapon’s role, providing more long-range accuracy and focusing less on short-range combat viability.
Pelington 703
The Pelington 703 is designed to be a quick-handling sniper rifle for players who enjoy constant movement and repositioning, trading off some one-hit kill potential for more speed. This weapon is geared for the kind of player who enjoys running into the middle of gun battles and advancing on important positions. The following changes reinforce the weapon’s role, shifting some ADS speed into a Sprint to Fire benefit, and using a slightly slower Bullet Velocity to keep gameplay at closer ranges.
Sniper Rifle Charlie (Semi-Auto)
With the recent release of the ZRG 20mm and the popularity of the LW3 - Tundra, there existed an untapped space between those two weapons. To fill that position, our semi-auto sniper rifle has been given some new upgrades. Leaning into the lethality of a .50 Cal round, the weapon is now much more powerful, with the trade-off of being slower to fire successive shots. As a semi-automatic weapon without any rechamber, it is still quite fast and works well for holding down a position.
ZRG 20mm
This is the most lethal sniper rifle in Black Ops Cold War, and it ravages vehicles and Scorestreaks. This power comes at a price, as this weapon is slower with less available ammo. Players who prioritize map knowledge, common enemy movements, and destroying enemy Scorestreaks will excel with the ZRG 20mm. Strategy over tactics. To that end, this weapon must be slower to wield compared to the rest of the sniper rifle class.
Swiss K31
With its low recoil, fast rechamber, and speedy handling, this weapon is ideal for quickly eliminating multiple enemy targets. Players with an eagle eye and nerves of steel will be able to down more enemies with this weapon than with any other sniper rifle. For those who aren’t as skilled at nailing their headshots every time, the Swiss K31 can perform much like a tactical rifle. The changes made here further index on this skill aspect, with the benefit of less sniper flinch.
We’ve improved bullet velocities across the board (with one exception) to allow assault rifles more innate long-distance advantage over submachine guns. The FFAR 1 has its Bullet Velocity reduced in exchange for an increase to its max damage.
We have also standardized headshot modifiers on assault rifles with this update. Assault rifles that have 5.56 ammo have a 1.4x headshot modifier, while those that use 7.62 ammo have a 1.25x modifier. In general, assault rifles that use 7.62 ammo deal higher damage already. The number of hits required to kill remain the same, except for the FFAR 1, which requires fewer hits to kill if the player scores a headshot.
Krig 6
We’ve refactored Bullet Velocity to give LMGs more inherent power with less reliance on the Task Force Barrel attachment. These changes provide more value to the rest of the Barrel attachments, while the Task Force Barrel remains a solid choice for boosting Bullet Velocity.
Pistols have received minor adjustments to Bullet Velocity. These changes better fit each pistol by pushing their “hitscan” range to the edge of their most-used engagement distances.
Featured Playlists
Field Upgrades
Zombies Weapon Tuning
We’ve increased the power of most weapons through higher critical damage multipliers (generally from 2.8X up to 4.5X) to make killing zombies feel even satisfying by rewarding players for skillful shooting. Some weapons have also received additional adjustments to their Pack-a-Punched versions with respect to magazine size, stock ammo, and damage.
This update generally brings up the power levels of the Black Ops Cold War arsenal in Zombies to ensure every weapon is a viable option in round-based Zombies maps, Outbreak, and Onslaught.
Note: Damage and critical location hit multiplier tuning below is unique to Zombies and is not inherited from the global weapon tuning changes also included in this update.
Assault Rifles
Tactical Rifles
Light Machine Guns
Sniper Rifles
Round-Based Modes
Dead Ops Arcade 3
Onslaught (PlayStation)
Mystery Box
Field Upgrades
Prestige Shop
Combat Record
Addressed an issue where Hardcore matches were being counted as Core modes.
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