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If you get bored, there are things that you can do. You can try out weird challenges that people are doing on social media. One of them is the “ice cube challenge”. This involves putting ice in your body parts like your mouth or your eye. It might be kind of weird, but it’s an option!
TikTok: What is the Ice Cube Challenge: Steps Explained!
People are doing things on TikTok every day that no one has ever done before. After two weeks of not going outside, people are feeling very bored. Hence, they are doing strange challenges. One such trend is the Ice Challenge, however, you do not need to do it.
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The newest TikTok craze is to put ice in any body area, whether it’s your mouth, your ear, or even your bottom – yep, on TikTok! After that, you record yourself performing it and share your reaction on TikTok.

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Some females have started making TikTok videos with the hashtag #IceCubeChallenge to warn other girls about the hazards of placing ice cubes in their intimate parts. Many individuals believe that the challenge is dumb and hazardous and that people should not participate in it at all.
A genuine gynaecologist even responded to the Ice Cube craze with a video outlining why females shouldn’t do it.
So, if you’re considering doing the challenge, maybe just stick to putting ice in your mouth!

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