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Space Jam 3 A New Legacy came to screen 25 years after the last movie. It is a sports comedy directed by Malcolm D. Lee based on Space jam by Joe Pytka. All movies in the franchise are based on Looney Tunes cartoons by Warner Bros with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck as the most exciting characters.

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A new movie called SPACE JAM 3 came out on July 16, 2021. We’re not sure if you can watch it in theatres. Don’t worry! New Legacy was released on HBO MAX at the same time as the theatrical release, which means you can watch it without paying for HBO MAX.
The movie begins when LeBron James, a famous basketball player, has two children. They want to be like their father and play basketball. But one of the sons wants to do something else. He wants to make video games instead. This causes problems for LeBron because his son doesn’t like playing with him anymore because he deletes people in the game when he does certain moves. The mother tells her husband that they need to support their son’s dreams instead of expecting them to follow in his footsteps and play basketball just like him.
Later in the movie, LeBron is offered a movie opportunity from Warner Bros. He decides not to take it, but his friend Dom is very interested in an AI Al-G Rhythm machine at Warner Bros. Little did they know that Al-G could tell when people wanted something from the real world and then traps them into a plan for evil.
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Al-G forces LeBron to form a team with all the fictional characters created by Warner Bros. They have to play against Al-G’s team and win in order for Al-G to give him back his son, Dom. LeBron is pushed into Tune world, where he meets only bug bunny.
The other Looney Tunes are exploring other universes. Bugs Bunny helps LeBron find the other characters. Al-G brainwashes Dom’s dad and upgrades his team to gain more power.
Bugs Bunny and LeBron travel to different places like Harry Potter and The Matrix. Bugs Bunny and LeBron find Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny, and form the Tune Squad. Then they train everyone in the Tune Squad with all the moves they need to beat Al-G’s team.
When Tune’s team meets Al-G’s team, they see Goon’s team with professional basketball players led by Dom. Al-G does not stop here. It goes to the next level and streams the entire game live, bringing more people into the virtual reality. It says that if Tune Squad loses, then Looney Tunes world will disappear along with its characters. And as predicted in the first half of the match Goon wins many points against Tune Squad. In this time LeBron meets his son Dom and apologizes for not supporting his dream-like he should have done before now.
LeBron promises Dom that he will let him be the video game developer he wants to be. They make up. In the 2nd half of the game, Al-G takes total control and Tune Squad has no chance to win because they don’t know how they did it last time. Then Dom plots a trap so that he can do it again and win this time.
To stop Al-G, Bugs Bunny sacrificed himself by doing the move. Dom let LeBron score the last goal and win the game. Bugs Bunny said goodbye to his friends before he disappeared and everyone else from the real world was brought back into reality.
After LeBron came back to reality, he was seen supporting his son Dom pursue his dream. Bugs Bunny then appeared and talked to LeBron. In the end, Bugs said he would invite the entire Tune world to reality and left. But when he did, LeBron let him stay with him till he went back home.
Warner Bros. released the first trailer for Space Jam 3 in April. The trailer starts with Dom being kidnapped by Al-G and LeBron having to form a basketball team with fictional characters to defeat the most advanced players. The end of the trailer leaves us wondering if LeBron will save his son LeBron and Looney Tunes world from Al-G?

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