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While Thor is generally considered one of the strongest members of the Avengers, that doesn't mean he's the strongest Asgardian in the MCU.
Before the arrival of Captain Marvel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the debate for the strongest Avenger was between the gamma-irradiated Hulk and Thor, God of Thunder. While Hulk is well known as "the strongest one there is," Thor comes from a powerful race of Asgardians that makes him a god among mortals.
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Or course, Thor isn't the only Asgardian that has appeared on the big screen over the decade-long "Infinity Saga" that introduced and eventually destroyed the realm of Asgard. And if Thor is one of the most powerful Avengers, the question of the long-running debate then becomes not who is the strongest Avenger, but who is the strongest Asgardian in the MCU?
Thor's mother Frigga (played by Rene Russo) may not be the physically strongest of the various Asgardians in the MCU, but her magical abilities learned from a childhood raised by witches makes her a definite threat.
Frigga had access to powerful magical energies and teachings as a master sorceress that she would later impart to her son Loki, though her abilities weren't' explored too much in the films. The Queen of Asgard also had enhanced mystical perceptions that allowed her to identify that the Thor she met in Avengers: Endgame was from the future instead of her own time.
Karl Urban portrayed Skurge the Executioner in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, marking the first time the character hit the big screen despite a long history in the comics as an enemy of Thor alongside Amora the Enchantress.
Skurge joined with Hela and became her Executioner in the MCU, where he revealed his past as a warrior in the Asgardian army before he took over Heimdall's position. Skurge not only has the enhanced strength and abilities of most Asgardians, but his enchanted ax increases his strength and he later revealed his proficiency with firearms as well.
The Warriors Three were long-time allies of Thor and powerful Asgardians named Hogun, Fandral, and the strongest of the three, Volstagg, who was played by Ray Stevenson in all three Thor films.
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Unfortunately, after proving his mettle in the first two movies he died alongside his friends when Hela took over Asgard. The comic version of Volstagg once picked up an alternate reality's hammer to become the powerful War Thor, though he gave up the hammer when it began to have dark side effects.
Idris Elba played Heimdall in multiple films in the MCU as a close friend of Thor, loyal soldier to Odin, and all-seeing guardian of the Bifrost, which allowed passage into Asgard from the other Nine Realms.
Heimdall enhanced Asgardian strength that made him a worthy gatekeeper, though he also wielded the deadly sword Hofund, which also served as the literal key to open the Bifrost, though Odin and eventually Thor were able to operate it independently. Heimdall also has incredibly enhanced senses, including omnidimensional sight that allowed him to communicate as well.
Like his adopted mother Frigga, Loki isn't known among the rest of the Asgardians for his physical strength, though his skill with illusions and dark magic made the God of Mischief a dangerous threat to Asgard and the other Nine Realms.
Unlike his brother and the rest of the Asgardians, Loki is actually a Frost Giant and only enchanted to look Asgardian, meaning he has the same strength and abilities as his giant kinfolk. Loki has also wielded the powerful Mind Stone-powered scepter and an alternate timeline's Loki is currently in possession of the Space Stone/Tesseract.
Jaimie Alexander played the powerful Asgardian warrior named Sif in the first two Thor films while also appearing on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, though the character didn't appear in Thor: Ragnarok meaning she is still alive in the MCU somewhere.
Sif's Asgardian strength comes both from her physical prowess and her skills as a master combatant. She uses a sword and shield combo in battle and has earned the respect of Thor and her allies in the Warriors Three as one of Asgard's greatest fighters. She proved her bravery by single-handedly attacking the powerful Destroyer armor, though it was Thor who ultimately defeated it.
Thor: Ragnarok featured another epic showdown between Thor and Hulk on the planet Sakaar after they were separately captured by Scrapper 142 (played by Tessa Thompson) who was later revealed to be one of Asgard's legendary Valkyrie.
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The Valkyrie were a well-trained squad of flying horse-riding warriors that were tasked with ferrying dead souls to Valhalla, though they also served as Asgard's elite fighting force. Almost all of the Valkyrie's were decimated by Hela before Odin exiled her, though 142 survived to later become the ruler of New Asgard.
Chris Hemsworth debuted as Thor Odinson in 2011's Thor, which introduced the God of Thunder to the MCU before he joined The Avengers in 2012, and he would appear in his own franchise and other Avengers films over the last decade. 
Thor's strength and bravery are well-known across the Nine Realms, and he has wielded a couple of powerful mystical hammers over the "Infinity Saga" to help control his lightning-based abilities. Both Mjølnir and Stormbreaker further increased Thor's power levels, with the latter also granting him additional mystical abilities like the ability to travel using the Bifrost.
The Goddess of Death is Odin's daughter Hela (played by Cate Blanchett), who served as Odin's Executioner during their days of conquering the Nine Realms, though when Odin decided to rule in peace she rebelled, and he banished her to Hel.
Her strength, speed, and ferocity surprised her brothers upon their first encounter and she made quick work of the Warriors Three and an Asgardian army. Hela was also able to manifest deadly weapons like Necroswords and her Executioner's Ax, while also having the ability to summon and command an undead army.
Odin (played by the legendary Anthony Hopkins) is the most powerful Asgardian in the MCU, though he is never quite at his prime during his film appearances as he moved through the restorative Odinsleep before he was overthrown by his son Loki, which led to his eventual death in Ragnarok.
Odin's Asgardian strength far outmatched the rest of his people, and he had thousands of years of experience as their warrior king. As the All-Father of Asgard, Odin was magically adept and commanded the power of the Odin-Force, which gave him reality-altering cosmic power.
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