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The internet has been waiting with bated breath for the identity of Dylan O’Brien’s girlfriend to be revealed and now it finally happened. In an interview on his podcast, “Happy Sad Confused,” actor Jack Antonoff reveals that he is dating Maze Runner star, Dylan O’Brien. They met at one of his concerts in Los Angeles where they were part of a group watching him perform. He said, “I had seen her before, but I don’t think she knew who I was-she looked like she was having a really good time.”
In Hollywood, the Maze Runner star is one of the most eligible bachelors. Dylan O Brien has been a celebrity since he was on Teen Wolf. He helps teenagers in their life.
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Dylan O’Brien Girlfriend
As of now, this person is not married.
The relationship was official. In 2012, Britt and Dylan started to date. They were both filming ‘The First Time.’ Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson have been dating for 6 years.

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Rumors say that Britt was seen with Graham Rogers. In US Weekly, they said that the duo had parted ways. The couple also worked together in their most recent film, A Dog’s Purpose.
This is the first time that either actor has spoken publicly about their relationship. The two actors met on set of their film, “The First Time”, in 2011. They have been friends for years before they became more than just friends and started dating in mid-2015.
Since then, neither actor has discussed much about their personal life with the public but now it seems that Britt Robertson wants to tell her story. She says she’s happy to be able to share this part of her life with fans as well as people who may not know who she is yet because it’s a big part of who she is today.
Dylan O’Brien Girlfriend
Rumors were spread in 2018 about Chlo Grace Moretz and Dylan O’Brien. Paparazzi took pictures of them. They looked like they were on a date.
US Weekly reported that a source told them the actor and singer did not go to the same restaurant last night. They did this so people would not notice them.

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Dylan told me that he had a crush on Chloe. Rumors are not confirmed. They never said anything about this.
After they made a movie on Facebook last year. I liked the video. It seemed natural.

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Actor and director, Dylan O’Brien has been dating actress, Sarah Ramos since 2017. The couple met while filming the movie “Teen Wolf” and have been publicly seen on many occasions together including at his birthday party last year where they were spotted kissing in front of a large group of people.
In addition to this recent information about their relationship status, it is also worth noting that he was previously in a long-term relationship with actress Chloë Grace Moretz from 2014 to 2016.
But it was not true. People who love the show just imagined that they were dating. The filmmaking team took parts from the movie and made them separately and then they put them together. It was revealed that Dylan and Sarah were not on set together.
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