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There are 7 people in the group. The Big Hit Entertainment made the band. Popular Korean pop boy band BTS was formed in 2013. The band has since then become loved by many people. They are known for their good voice and for the messages they give.
It is a world-wide group of people, called ‘Army,’ who like this. Recently, it got a nomination for the Grammy Award in 2021. In 2013, BTS performed a song from an album called 2 Cool 4 Skool. The song is named No More Dreams. The band is a part of the Korean-based hip-hop collective Bangtan Boys. They are also known as Beyond the Scene or BTS. BTS won an award for being a new artist. They did many good things and got the award.
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BTS Net Worth 2021 And Earnings Of Each Member.
BTS has many fans in Japan and Korea. It’s followed by fans in other countries, like India and China. The first album that BTS made was in 2013, called 2 cool 4 Skool. That year, they also had a stage play called O!RUL8,22.
Rap Monster and Suga are worth about 15 Million dollars. All the band members have a net worth of $18 to $25 million. As of now, BTS’s net worth is over $100 million. Different members of the band are paid different salaries depending on their position and responsibilities. The highest-paid person is the leader.
The band has sold many copies of their albums. They are a person who works as an ambassador for many brands and organizations. Besides their performance, they have also earned a lot of money. The main way that BTS makes money is by creating music. The band has been active since 2013. They have released many albums. These albums have earned them a lot of success.
Every team member has a salary of $8 million. Each member of Big Hit Entertainment owns about 68,000 shares. In 2019, South Korea’s livestock sector contributed $450 million to the country’s gross domestic product.
The band has released several albums. They include Love yourself, Map of the soul, Be, Youth, Face Yourself and Map of the soul: 7 – The Journey.
The richest member of BTS is either J-Hope or Suga. They have been successful with their solo projects. How much money do they get? It is unknown but for sure, this money goes to them as individuals and not to the group as a whole. J-Hope’s Hope World was so successful that he had to be ranked #1 here.

J-Hope is considered by many people as the best dancer in BTS. An argument can be made for Jimin because he also has done well in his solo career, but most BTS fans would go with J-Hope because of his overall talent and ability. Therefore, he usually takes charge not only of coming up with choreography but teaching it too.

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The Estimated Net Worth of J-Hop: $24-26 million
Suga is on the BTS net worth list because he has had a lot of success with his solo mixtapes, Agust D and D-2. He also writes songs for other artists.

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For every song he writes and produces, he gets paid. He created songs for Halsey! Suga might be the best rapper in the group because he rapped at a very young age.

The Estimated Net Worth of Suga: $23-25 million
RM is the leader of the group and does most of the talking in English interviews. He also writes songs with over 130 credits. He has released two solo mixtapes, one with U.S. rapper Warren G. It will not be surprising if RM becomes a very powerful producer for Kpop or Korean hip-hop music, whether as an artist or a producer.

We don’t know if he will be successful in business, but one thing we do know is that he is very intelligent and takes care of his studies well! It was rumored that RM took university entrance exams last year to enter into college next year; however, what we do know for sure is that while RM may have taken these exams at some point.

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The Estimated Net Worth of RM: $20-$22 million
Brands really like Jimin. He has been ranked #1 in the Individual Brand Reputation Rankings for 19 consecutive months. Many people feel that he is the best singer on BTS because he is able to hit all of the high notes. He is also a songwriter and has released his own solo song called Promise.

If Jimin were ever to go solo, his career would be very successful because of this potential he has with brands as they really like him and have shown it by ranking him as #1 for so long. Check out his commercial for L’atelier VT Cosmetics above!

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The Estimated Net Worth of Jimin: $18-$20 million
Jungkook is the most popular BTS member from the international audience. He sings, raps, and dances very well. He has accomplished a lot even though he is younger than other members of BTS. It was reported that Jungkook paid $1.7 million for an apartment in Seoul by paying all cash.

Jungkook wants to produce his own mixtape and many fans are waiting for it eagerly because once he does he will be able to move up this list quickly.Jungkook has made his own songs and he also does cover songs of Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth. He can collaborate with these people. Jungkook has made his own songs and he also does cover songs of Justin Bieber and Charlie Puth. He can collaborate with these people.

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The Estimated Net Worth of Jungkook: $18-$20 million
V is one of the youngest members in BTS. There is a lot of potential for his acting career. He has already acted in some things and had a supporting role on a Korean drama. So don’t be surprised when V leaves the Kpop industry to work in Korean dramas more often.

In addition, he has released some songs such as Scenery and Winter Bear. Recently he made an OST for the popular Korean drama called Itaewon Class called Sweet Night.

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The Estimated Net Worth of V: $18-$19 million
Jin is the oldest member of the group. He graduated from Konkuk University in 2017. Recently, he released two solo songs and opened a Japanese restaurant with his brother. His apartment in Seoul is worth $1.9 million and if you included Jin’s family’s net worth, he would be the richest among BTS members as his father is a major Korean company’s CEO.

Jin is going to be in the MC industry. He will have a lot of opportunities, like being on Korean music programs. Jin’s commercial for Samsung’s S-Pen is above.

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The Estimated Net Worth of Jin: $18 million
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