Bend City Council, Deschutes County commissioners clash over indoor mask mandate – KTVZ
(Update: Russell comments, DeBone response)
Mayor's letter follows 2-1 county decision last week not to recommend indoor masks
BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Bend Mayor Sally Russell sent a letter Monday to the Deschutes County Commission on behalf of the Bend City Council, calling on county officials to enact a mask mandate for indoor public spaces due to the rapid rise of the more-contagious COVID-19 delta variant. But some county leaders are still cool to the idea.
"They are the (local public) health authority, (so) it would make sense to ask them to take a leadership position on mask-wearing,” Russell told NewsChannel 21 after sending the letter.
But county Commissioner Tony DeBone said he is not in favor of a mask mandate, and argued it would be too hard to enforce.
"So a mask mandate is something I do not support,” DeBone said. “That means that you're violating a mandate if you don't wear a mask. Who would enforce a mask mandate? If there's five people in a store, and one doesn't have a mask, what do you do? You ask the manager to do something, or do you call 9-1-1? So I'm just saying, a mandate is different than a recommendation."
At last Wednesday's meeting, Commissioner Phil Chang had called on colleagues DeBone and Patti Adair to support a recommendation to county residents that masks be worn indoors, but after more than an hour of debate, neither went along with his proposal. with Adair saying it amounted to a mandate.
"The recommendation is already there, and you're asking for more, and I don't want to give more,” Debone told Chang.
In her letter, Russell asked the county commission to mandate mask-wearing for all indoor public spaces. The letter referenced the substantial increase in COVID-19 cases, the presence of the delta variant in Deschutes County and the critical status of the local hospital system as the basis for the request.
"In sum, due to the substantial increase in Covid-19 cases, the presence of this new variant in our County, and the impacted status of our local hospital system, we implore the Deschutes County Commission to mandate mask-wearing for all indoor, public spaces (or, at the very least, empower your public health department to make a strong recommendation)," the letter stated.
“As local elected leaders, we must be united in taking action to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” the mayor wrote. “In your role as directors of the public health authority of our County, we look to you take the actions necessary to prevent illness and death from this disease, and we will support you in those actions. The welfare of our businesses, restaurants, and, most importantly, our community members, depends upon our leadership.”
Mayor Russell said she and the city council may consider enacting their own mask mandate, but believe it is the county commissioners' obligation, as directors of the county's public health authority.
"None of us want to be in this place,” Russell said. “None of us want to make these decisions. We don't prefer to be wearing masks. I think at some point you have to accept that the health of the people that we love, and the people who are in our family, depends on a pretty simple move, which is to just put on your mask when you're going inside."
Read the full letter.
Asked about the letter, DeBone told NewsChannel 21: "The CDC and OHA recommendation for mask wearing is out there, and I am not opposed to that. I am not in support of a mask mandate, and I do advocate for people to get vaccinated."
Chang also sent a statement:
"Masks and vaccines are two of our most effective tools for curbing the spread of COVID in our community, and the delta variant is causing a surge in cases on a scale that we have not seen since late spring. The county is the local public health authority for our community, and if we take that role seriously, we need to do everything we can to encourage people to get vaccinated and to put masks on in indoor public spaces to cut this current surge short. I support an indoor mask mandate for the time period that our case counts and test positivity rates are high."
Meanwhile, Multnomah County leaders announced a face mask mandate Monday, saying that as of this coming Friday, their previous recommendation of indoor face masks will be a requirement inside businesses for all 5 and older.
Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.
How come the masks didn’t work before with all the spikes??? This is not science based.
Because selfish morons that don’t care about others than themselves and not getting vaxed are the reason why we are still dealing with this. Please keep flapping your uneducated piehole on a subject you obviously know nothing about like Wish and the rest of the local brain trust village idiots.
Not 10 people dead in Shanghai from COVID. According to the CDC you have no clue what you are talking about. The Vaccinated are the ones spreading the disease.
Uh no.
“Also, a new study from Imperial College London suggests that unvaccinated people are three times more likely than those who are fully vaccinated to test positive for COVID-19. Researchers also said fully vaccinated people are less likely to transmit the virus to others.”
Weren’t they talking about masks, not vaccinations? I’m sure the vaccinations work but the masks are questionable.
You know what else? Vaxxed positives are no longer reported to cdc except if hospitalized or serious health issues arise. Making sense yet?
Yes. For good reason they’re only worried about serious cases
Wrong- because they don’t have to announce the results of the contact tracing- which will show decidedly how many people are being exposed by vaccinated worm-heads !
(says “thestoner”… yes, enlighten us more with your wise words and name-calling, thestoner) Maybe put down the bong and watch something other than CNN. You might actually learn something about mask-effectiveness, how viruses actually work, and the Constitution.)
Stoney…the majority of people did wear masks, you uneducated fool. So, I ask again, why were there spikes then? I am well trained medically. Thanks. Are you?
After months of your BS suddenly you are a highly trained nurse. Just more BS. Prove it!
I never once said I was a nurse. Maybe I am. Nice job setting up your narrative. Sheep.
Of course you did:
“I’m a nurse and I refuse that crap. Maybe I am your nurse…..BOO. I will start labeling myself will that please you?”
Thank you Barney ! Evidently KClown forgot that the evidence had already been collected.
Snowbird. I understand you pluck out gutters and risk your life. Leave the real stuff to the professionals. Shouldn’t you be planning your winter trip soon???? By bye.
I can believe that Santa and the easter bunny are real before I believe that you have any form of training, let alone medical training.
Really? Good for you. Look forward to helping you and your famiy at ol st chucks like the last 20 years. Maybe go to Portland with health issues?
If you truly are a nursing professional I shudder to think what type care you provide when you show such an absolute lack of any type of nursing/medical knowledge . Good thing this is an anonymous site or you might be facing some corrective action from the OSBN.
Just ignore these pathetic fear mongering sheep. They can walk around in fear their entire lives over a cold. Let them. As for me. I’ll never EVER put on a mask or get this experimental vaccine. They’re all going to end up with cancer or other horrible immune disorders. Because they listen and obey some controlling power hungry government.
Yup ! Beware the Vaxxed Attack ! These are your super-spreaders and they are all over the state now as we see that the more people who are vaccinated- the virus infections go up ! Pretty obvious to see why… the vaccinated are spreading this thing like wildfire- fortunately the death rates are coming down- we haven’t seen a day of double digit deaths in two months- why is that not the top story ???
Hey Stoner, would you like it if they rounded up all the non vaxxed and put them in camps? Are you ok with that? Or is that pushing freedom too much?
Stoner???? No reply? Wtf? Let’s lock em up!!!!
He definitely would. These leftists are insane and evil.
Coming from the clearly liberal cnn talking point guy who’s handle is the stoner. Hahaha. I will NEVER PUT ON A MASK OR GET THE VACCINE. Your health at this point is your problem! Not mine. Deal with it. For 99 percent of the country it’s a cold. Enough is enough!! Time for natural herd immunity. Period.
Maybe you should do your part to speed up herd immunity and go run with the bulls. You already have a good start on the excrement.
How dare you. That joker spent 23 minutes googling sources that backed up his confirmation bias. He did his research and you don’t think this makes him more qualified than a consensus of scientists with 8+ years of doctorate level education in research on this topic?
Darn commies.
I agree the selfish millennials and younger who refused to wear the masks during the major part of the pandemic and were out at the old mill district beer gardens drinking beer packed like cans of sardines,and no masks. So selfish are they not thinking that they could have possibly brought home the covid to their family or grandparents. But they are just following the example of their cult guru obuma. Oh. But like their cult leader, they are a sophisticated group so they are immune to spreading the covid.
Yeah Florida and Texas are looking really good now! How stupid can you be?
And nobody is dying there. Stop watching cnn and crying about case numbers. Dummy. You’re all sheep
There you go again posting lies.
Barney has a bad habit of trying to be first- instead of trying to get it right… here’s another update on the Florida mis-information scandal… “Wrong again. The number of cases @CDCgov released for Florida today is incorrect,” it responded to a report in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “They combined MULTIPLE days into one. We anticipate CDC will correct the record.”… The CDC did not immediately respond. ” BTW- we see the OHA trying to pull the same stunt- using multiple days data then releasing it on one to make the numbers “appear” worse then they really are- Shameful !!!
FACT: a month or two ago, because numbers WERE dropping, OHA announced they would no longer be doing weekend/holiday reports, but report those numbers the following Monday. False ulterior motives are usually in the mind of the accuser, and nowhere else.
So now that “numbers are rising”… will they go back ? So far “no” ! Disproving your poorly thought out response. In the meantime- my reporting is correct- the state has not seen a double digit daily death count in two months- why don’t you acknowledge that fact and stop spreading the gloom and doom !
You disproved NOTHING. I stated a fact. We will continue to post the OHA releases in full when they arrive and will pay the same attention to it every reputable news organization in the state does on a daily basis. Feel free to continue to confuse your opinion with facts.
FACT- Your attempts to manipulate the data with all these terminology and format changes are no longer fooling anyone- just look at the kick-back from both the County Commissioners here and the parents in Crook ! You’ve lost the false narrative and CO-nians are angry for what you’ve helped put them through with your constant bleating of “vira-vira-virusssss” ! I see you still won’t touch my factual fact that there hasn’t been a double digit daily death report in two months- guess there’s still hope for you yet !
FACT: You prove my point with every post. Talking with you is a useless waste of time.
So you think over 9000 cases per day is better than over 28,000 cases over 3 days? Wow!
Did you check Barney’s link ? “nobody is dying there”…whaaaat???
the virus mutates – it is not the same virus as before the masks. Please tell me you knew that already and your questions was aggressive (vs stupid)
It’s not the same virus as when the vaccine was developed either . . .
Yer right- the virus now is weaker- Herd Immunity is leading the charge in overall survival rates… What was once defined as a “mild” virus by the CDC- is now petering out. Do try to “mutate” your own knowledge in the right direction !
Only true N95 masks work. All others are fake. Masking with fake masks solves nothing
Cite a recent study on masks that says that masks don’t help catch droplets when people talk, sneeze, cough, etc. The virus attaches to bodily fluids after infection. The virus, all by itself like in a lab setting is different, but you already know that. Not an old link, a new one. A reliable link.
There are no studies on masks and infection rates showing a causitice role so the burden is on you to show they work. The conclusion that masks work shouldn’t include the argument makes work.
@Skittish The evidence shows masks do work.
Its on you to disprove it.
oh wow! behold, a link to an article supporting your opinion. That settles it, I guess! (Gee, I wonder if there are like 5000 links to data and studies that conclude otherwise? Come back when you can process more than one article/viewpoint, and actually articulate a comprehensive independent thought, accordingly. Copy and pasting a useless link is a waste of everyone’s time.)
If a link to a legitimate study isn’t good enough for you, perhaps you’re the “waste.”
First paragraph makes the fatal flaw of confusing “face coverings” with “masks”- which neither of which are N95’s ! The whole article is a mish-mash of confusion… completely worthless from a real research paper point of view. Sorry- I was hoping to back you up on this- Masks work ! But only in combination with other measures- I’ve said it fro February of 2020… MuGuWu !
That’s a link to a legit case study, which scientists and doctors use to build consensus.
As opposed to you taking a 12 minute google search while on the can to support your confirmation bias. I guess you now know more than the wide community of doctors each of which have 8+ years of doctorate education compared to your high school diploma.
Ok there is some evidence according to a journalists opinion. That’s a start. If the research is well done then we have something to go on. I haven’t been able to find any well designed research up to this point.
They do work, just not well enough to bother with anymore. Get vaccinated is what I say and stay outside and 100’ down wind if you’re not.
Actually yes, there is and Blue D gave a link to UCSF but I guess the ya who’s on here would rather have YouTube and FB.
How come nurses are required to wear N95, paprs, caprs, or respirators when caring for covid patients? Should they be able to put a t shirt over their face? Or a Walgreens mask?
shouldn’t you be able to answer that question with your “medical training”? LMAO!!!
Its a legit question- that you passed on with snark and smarm… it’s why the left continues to be so angry- ya’all have no answers to simple questions.
But your girlfriend, KC, sure asks a lot of medical questions for someone who claims to be “medically trained.” Why doesn’t KC provide answers if that training truly exists? “No answers to simple questions”? “It’s a legit question.” If the left is angry, it’s because we’re fed up with all the “alternative facts” BS.
They did work.
They are one of the reasons why Oregon has the lowest rate of cases in the entire country.
The scientists are calling for this for the country.
The research I am aware of looking at all mandates says the opposite that none of the mandates made any difference. Masks also have a lot of real world deficiencies and there is no research, that I can find showing masks work. You are pointing out an association: Oregon had masks mandates and low infection rate but there are multiple factors affecting infection rates.
“…but there are multiple factors affecting infection rates.”
Can you deny that masks are one of those factors? Please note that seasonal flu cases and common cold cases all took a plunge during the mask up too. Could masks have possibly been a factor?
Oh thank god you googled something that confirmed your bias, so now you can gleefully ignore the broad scientist and community consensus on masks!
I mean, that’s America and freedom right? It’s your freedom to disregard broad science consensus, academic studies + papers each of which are backed up by hundreds of doctors possessing an 8+ year doctorate each.
But your high school diploma understanding of science surely makes your research far more valid and meaningful than people who follow that pesky “scientific process” and “research papers scrutinized by doctorate peers”.
Those idiots spent 8+ years studying medical science and you found the right answer in 13 minutes on google. What idiots!
No it’s that we have a low population.
So stupid!
Really? Post high rates compared to high populations. You BETA male. Would love to talk to you face to face and watch you run away.
Trying to be a bully? Face to face with a real ALPHA, you’d become a shivering sack of…poo.
Tough guy with a keyboard! Alpha? that’s so hilarious, petulant little child is more like it.
omg your comments are so freakin naive. It is PER CAPITA. has NOTHING to do with population
I would say that Oregon’s proximity to the Salty Sea airs of the Pacific- mimics other low case countries (Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hawaii, Alaska) and states… not to mention that the key ingredient in HOCL- being used as a disinfectant on all airlines, stadiums, schools and uni’s- is salt- has more to do with our lower rates than anything Kalamity Kate has done ! Her orders to force everyone indoors did much more harm than good- everyone should have been required a trip to Astoria to flush their systems every quarter instead !
“Maybe you could try injecting it,” I heard somebody say about bleach once.
This is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL nor is it necessary. It is so sad – so horrible – that Oregon has fallen into this Democratic rule which is not even lawful. “Simon sez” and all the people who have become subjects instead of individuals with a common sense and the intelligence to search out the truth behind so many recent dictates, just follow the pied piper or allow the supposedly “smarter” people to make IMPORTANT decisions in their lives. GOD BLESS what used to be AMERICA and the CONSTITUTION which used to actually MEAN something and be respected.
I think it’s sadder anyone believes Trump, moronic in fact.
Yes it’s those white Trumpsters fault. You obviously don’t understand the data than. Only 38% of African Americans have been vaccinated which is the lowest rate of any race. Guess it’s not all those Trump loving white folks huh?
You are the only one that mentioned trump. BTW Biden said 106% of the US is vaxxed, so why are we panicking?
Funny how the same people who complain about their rights just happen to be followers of the orange troll and still believe he’s their leader? How pathetic
“ComeonStonerman” appears to be the two headed dumb-dumb I suspected… same comment- two screen names ! Pathetic attempt to drive fake traffic numbers ! Now wait for the denials.
Which Constitution are you talking about? It can’t be the U.S. Constitution. Multiple U.S. Supreme Court decisions, going as far back as 1824, acknowledge that states have the authority to mandate public health measures, under the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights. For example, see the 1902 Supreme Court decision involving the Louisiana Board of Health. There have been others as well, including recent court decisions.
You’re going to confuse them with facts.
Masks are not the solution. Stop forcing something that’s not helping the decline in cases.
More made up facts and garbage
So Con, your saying you’re smarter than Fauci? I will listen to Fauci before I listen to you. You should take the cern out of your screen name. Cuz that’s how I see you.
Trumpers lying in 3,2,1 …
It is about time. I know more people that have COVID now than I did last year. Masks must have helped before.
Trying to steal my thunder? LOL
Does that mean the masks work but vaccines don’t?
Nope. Multiple prevention strategies add value. They don’t subtract.
I thought originally they said the vaxx will make it all go away?
If enough people take it to stop widespread transmission. Since that hasn’t happened, transmission = bad copies = variants. Those can be helpful to the virus, or not. Unfortunately fou us, Delta turned out to be more transmissible. With your medical training, that should make sense.
Too many unvaccinated idiots blew our chances, thanks idiot!
Vaxxers are leading the surge in new cases ! Just like you- arrogant to the point of complete stoopidity… Vaxxed are spreading the virus- plain and simple.
No, originally we were told it was nothing to worry about, that we only had a few cases, and that it would disappear “like magic.” How soon they forget…
Vaccines only work if everyone takes them.
Blue, are you saying that if everyone get the vaxx it will be eradicated? If so you are clearly not educated in the medical field. Go try again pal. CDC also recommended 2 masks, you ever do that? Or are you a big fat hypocrite ?
and YOU are educated in the medical field?
nope. Not everyone. Say 80-85%. Not 100%
The delta variant is several times more infectious so if everything else were the same, the infection rate would still go up. The vaccines no doubt have blunted the increase though.
Their lane is protecting their constituents. They’re working to do that. Thank you, Bend City Council.
True leadership means being willing to make unpopular decisions to protect your community, especially in today’s climate where insults, curses, threats and violence could be, and likely will be a consequence. Saying thanks is the least we can do, RedOne!👍
Protect them from what ? To date, by the OHA CDC standard- only 85 Oregonians have died “solely” from the Wuhan Lab Bat virus- in 18 months now. In the meantime 287 fatalities have occurred on Oregon roads since January- 7 months ! Where’s your outrage ? When will Brown close down the State’s roadways and demand everyone go back to horse and buggy ???
I’m vaccinated and according to the latest CDC data, my chances of dying from COVID if re-infected is 0.001%. I see no need to wear a mask again based on this and the fact that 97% of hospitilizations are occurring amongst the unvaccinated. I feel absolutely no moral responsibility for the health of others who refuse common sense interventions that could save their own lives. This thing needs to run its course amongst them, or we will just keep going into endless cycles of masks on/ masks off. Time to move on with life, for those of us who want to live it.
Well said. “Time to move on with life…”
And the vast majority of at risk adults have had their opportunity to get the vaccine. Those who choose not to are not our problem. The only consideration is avoiding overwhelming the chronically crowded hospitals, but that is an independent and additive problem.
You can still get it and spread it, it’s not about you and that’s the problem with this kind of attitude.
Yep. I can still get it, but it’ll be less severe than a common cold. Same with any vaccinated individual I spread it to. Not vaccinated? Not my problem. I don’t see the need to protect people who choose not to protect themselves, nor should you.
We were promised 70% vaccinated, no masks, we did it. We’re done.
And along came the delta vsriant…
LOL, the variants are known well in advance. They already have the next 2-3 ready to roll down in South America. How many more letters in the Greek Alphabet?
No the variants are not well known in advance. Mutations happen randomly and cannot be predicted. We can expect them to happen but it is unknown what the mutation’s effect will be on the virulence until the variant becomes dominant.
Look up Israel’s hospitalized covid patients, are they vaxxed?
Already answered you, more cases but STILL effective on severity.
Different virus. It mutated into delta from unvaxxed folks. They are petrie dishes.
And wearing a mask is so hard! Boohoo!
Not hard, but not at all necessary. At this point, it really does seem grounded in irrational fear (if you’re vaccinated) or a passive aggressive drive to assert control onto others.
If you have children, one who is like you and one who you just don’t understand because of the way he or she acts, do you love the different kid any less? I wear a mask to protect myself but also to protect the unvaccinated because they are members of my community, whether or not I personally understand their motives for refusing the jab. Wearing a mask is not a “passive aggressive drive to assert control onto others
*continued* , but it is fulfilling my own sense of responsibility to my community and country.
You are sooo right! I got Covid19, spent 7 days in the Criticle Care Unit at St. Charles and another 2 weeks in a transitional care unit. It was sketchy as to my making it or not. I got the vaccine not because I felt I needed to but to help get the numbers up and get back to normal. A lot of good that did. My antibodies are quite high so my getting it is minimal at best. Here’s link to an interesting article regarding a study by the JAMA on those who were vaccinated and those who had the virus and got vaccinated. Interesting reading.
Your chances of dying from Covid have always been low- it’s underlying conditions that you need to be concerned about. In the meantime- don’t be an ignorant super-spreader- you vaxxed are just as capable of infecting dozens in one sitting is just as real as a non-vaccinated human. Next- your every three month booster ! As for natural immunity- no need for 8 months or more… the science is clear.
Sally Russell and Bend City Council –
“Stay in your own lane”.
Their lane is protecting their constituents. They’re working to do that. Thank you, Bend City Council.
They already did that be ensuring access to vaccines. Anything beyond that is over reach at this point. Maybe they should focus instead on fixing the systemic issues plaguing St. Charles instead of this silly mask nonsense. It’s a red herring.
Nope. Multiple prevention strategies add value. They don’t subtract.
“Add value?” Lol. If you’re vaccinated, you have a better chance of getting hit by lightning five times than dying of COVID. Pretty sure we’re covered and don’t need another intervention to keep us safe. But I guess we should wear these stupid things forever now? Because “the others” will never get vaccinated, so infection rates will just continue to spike every time mandates are dropped. It’s not a sustainable strategy – this thing will run its course amongst the in-vaccinated, no matter how long you draw it out.
And will the police be there to enforce them or will we once again be expecting our minimum wage paid clerks and burger flippers to double as security guards and risk life and limb trying to stand up to the anti-mask lunatics?
About time. Chang had it right days ago.
Everyone who doesn’t agree with you is from California? Nice try
Masking isn’t effective only oppressive. I’m vaccinated and did my part, I’ve waited long enough for mouthbreathers to do the right thing and get the shot. Mandate the vaxx or do nothing at all. Bend City Counsel is out of touch and I hope they are all voted out.
Exactly, no unvaccinated people allowed indoors. I’m all for that
And the hits just keep coming.
Why do vaccinated people have to wear masks? Guess the vax doesn’t work after all.
We have posted many stories that say why. Feel free to dispute them with reputable information. Otherwise, you’re just repeating misinformation.
Well, originally we were told you can’t get covid if vaxxed. Now boosters are coming, you didn’t mention that when the vaxx was started, how come?
Because science and knowledge evolves. Though some here refuse to evolve with it and instead just gather ammunition to use against things they refuse to believe.
Thank you. And if I may ask as a newbie here, how do you handle moderating this? I’m thinking meditation. Or yoga. Or booze. Wow.
Some days better than others. Some trolls worse than others. No robot here. But nope, no alcohol. Just moving on to my ‘real’ job – writing and editing the news.
Lol. Barney. The scientist. Please tell us your science degrees.
I just quote reputable authorities accurately. It’s my job.
Is Fauci a “reputable authority” ? Somehow I don’t expect an answer.
Man you are so freakin out of your league. Do you know what efficiency rate means? Moderna = 94% effective. Here let me help you out here. I will do the math for you: 100% – 94% = 6% it does not work. Boosters are not here yet but they may well be due to VARIANTS and MUTATIONS. (vs the original COVID-19 virus) Do you get it yet? Or do you like posting lame comments and questions? Troll
He likes posting lame comments and questions. Don’t feed the ‘medically trained’ alpha boy troll….
Now post Israel’s hospitalization with vaccination rates. I’ll wait.
Facts are funny things. Especially when two numbers are a true representation of a trend, and a news editor chooses the larger, scarier one for the headline and lead to drive clicks. Then buries the smaller, more contextually-honest one 5 graphs down. IE – how every media outlet chose to cover the last CDC report on total number of breakthrough cases by leading with the all-up number vs. the statistically insignificant proportion of vaccinated individuals that represented. So please pardon some of our amusement and cynicism when a newsman lectures his public on “the facts.”
Not sure of the specifics, but your ascribing of ulterior motives in what goes in a headline is unfortunate. We didn’t write the CDC reports, but sometimes it’s based on how the source material arranges things, believe it (yeah right) or not…
Masks are part of the solution. Get the vaccine, wear a mask in public. I want to see all of our local business stay open and the kids go back to in person school. It really is not that hard to look out for each other.
No masks, no vaxx, now kiss my ass.
Mature. Thoughtful. As always.
Is that a new MAGA rally cry? Nobody wants to kiss your ignorant clown ass. LOL!
It is hard for some people apparently. Freedumb they cry!
Hard. I’ve heard that from dumbo rats
You shouldn’t talk about yourself like that. Your self-esteem is already in the toilet if you named yourself “clown.”
Hell no, not again, will not comply.
Seeing reports that the the vaxx only 39% effective in Israel and majority of hospitalized are the vaxxed. Barney any stories coming out on that?
BUT still HIGHLY effective at preventing severe cases!
And the long term consequences of these vaccines are what ? Why is Z21 ignoring “ALL” the serious concerns about these vaccines- what they do to your blood on the short term- what they are doing to the human body long term ? Where’s your research Internet Doctor-Lawyer-General Promoter of a Non FDA Approved Experimental Drug ??? Your attitude on this board is both shameful and down-right dangerous !
Hey medically trained genius…. efficiency/effectiveness goes down over time as with MANY other vaccinations. Nothing surprising here. Israel’s elderly and compromised are getting hit…. enter a booster. Simple science. Hope that is not too hard for your brain to understand. If it is, I can try again ….. r e a l l y s l o w
If you think of the “ government “ as one person, then that person is a liar! They told us to get vaccinated and we’d be safe. They said once a certain amount we’re vaccinated then no more masks. Wearing a mask to protect the willingly unvaccinated is ludicrous. Whether or not someone choses to get vaccinated is immaterial to me. I support their right to choose. I’m vaccinated, everyone in my home is vaccinated and we are done with masks. We plan on holding the “liar” to his or her word.
What kind of hair brained idiot would live their lives under the governance of a proven liar?
Why some people can’t evolve with evolving knowledge of the virus, no one can control. Things change in all facets of life. Saying “but you said 6 months ago xxx” is… one way of going through life. Others realize things change – for the better at times, worse at others.
Ok. This is gold. Sorry Barney. I try to be nice but you are a hack. While on your high horse tell us all of the side effects from the vaxx. Including the 7000 deaths. Also tell us your degrees associated with anything medical. And when you tell us you have none. Why are you giving medical advice???
We quote reputable authorities to counter all the misinformation/disinformation.
LMAO! You asking Barney who cites reliable, verifiable sources, why he’s giving medical advice (not true BTW!)? And what have you been doing, Mr. Misinformed BETA bully wannabe? What a joke!
When you’re driving and you see a detour sign, do you follow the detour or insist on using the same route and possibly drive off the bridge that’s out? Delta variant has caused a detour. Covid is actively mutating, not static. It is not “lying” when strategies have to be modified to fit the changing landscape.
The Delta variant has not changed the landscape for the vaccinated. The vaccinated are mostly safe and the death rate for them is infinitesimal. The vaccine has had the exact effect that was promised. They set the guidelines, those guidelines we’re followed and the result was as hoped. The vaccinated are more at risk from the flu. They are liars by any sane definition. It doesn’t matter to me that you’re so easily duped, but if the “detour” is being directed by proven liars then no, I won’t follow.
Delta has changed the landscape. Because it is so much more infectious, the vaccinated can spread it easily. I’ve felt bad in the past for giving someone a cold. I’d feel guilty if I gave someone Covid knowing a simple mask could have prevented it. If being “duped” means having a sense of responsibility to my community, then fine. You ignore the detour signs, and I’ll go the alternate route. I’ll sleep well at night knowing I’m doing everything I can to help my community, my state and my country get over this pandemic. Enjoy the plunge off the bridge. I hear the free fall is quite exhilarating. Hitting the water though can be a killer. No lie!
WTF is this Trumps fault BS? If thats the best you can do, you are the problem. Oh, I have never been tested, will never get the shot and will not wear a face diaper. Please try to force me to.
It isn’t necessarily fair to blame Trump. He was definitely slow to appreciate to situation and resistant to countermeasures, but he did invest heavily in the vaccine and is on record saying the vaccine is safe and that people should get vaccinated. The “face diaper” trope is pretty boring at this point, and no one is forced to get vaccinated. The thing to consider is that public opinion is beginning, and will continue, to turn on those who refuse to get vaccinated. If we don’t turn the tide on this virus the result will most likely be social isolation, not legal force. Think back to when public perception turned on cigarettes, no one was forced to quit smoking, but there have definitely been social and professional consequences for those who continue the practice.
Hogwash ! President Trump turned whiskey into hand sanitizer- provided off-shore military vessels as hospitals (in NY- only to have Cuomo ignore it all)- Provided leadership to get ventilators produced in record time- shut down air travel out of China- held the big airlines feet to the fire till they caved in to his threats- Trump secured the border- kept out untested immigrants (now Texas is awash in corona as immigrants of all kinds flood the borders)- President Trump set the whole vaccine research and production engine in motion… what the hell has Biden done here- nothing but look at Fauci’s e-mails that said masks were useless- then go on TV and tell you dimwits to wear em anyway ! This is an historical disaster- and the demokant party is guilty as hell… Say hello to Andrew Cuomo- OUT ! Gavin Newsom- RECALL- Who’s next ? Biden ???
The simple splash shield masks are ineffective to any small airborne virus. N95 masks are also ineffective. It try takes a P100 fitted and tested mask, similar to what painters use when they spray, to protect you. If the City of Bend chooses to require masks, no problem, I will not shop in any of your stores. As far as Deschutes County is concerned, let our communities make their own decision.
I’m not a very politically motivated person. Just new here and curious. I’ve been reading these comments for months and I’d like to know why people get so angry about being asked to wear a mask? I do think they are uncomfortable, especially since I have asthma, but they really don’t feel that obtrusive to me. I’ve gotten used to them. When I visited Japan years ago, that was the norm and didn’t feel that strange. I was one of the last people to want to wear one last spring, honestly, and sort of dragged my heels until about May of last year, but since then I’ve kept mine on, even after being vaccinated, because it’s the first time in years I haven’t had a cold, sore throat, sniffle. Nothing. It’s pretty remarkable. I don’t wear one outside but I do in grocery stores etc. I have had some people, strangers, verbally assault me for it, but it doesn’t really bother me. And the news of Covid does change so rapidly. I think for me, beyond a mask keeping away all the germs I usually easily catch each year, and I’m not talking covid or the flu,, I think since children can’t be vaccinated, it’s nice to keep all of our germs to ourselves until there’s a better answer. We know by now that everyone won’t get vaccinated, so I’m not sure what the solution is.
Thank you, your post is intelligent and thoughtful.
Because store bought masks literally say they do not prevent viral transmission. And a shirt. Come on. If you have to ask this you are a beta male swimming in a sea of ALPHAS. Be ready to fight girl
Very well said!👍
“When I visited Japan years ago”… what else can you tell us about the Japanese- who have some of the lowest covid cases around. They pulled off the Olympics without a major outbreak- how did they do it ??? Please share.
MountainGirl said that wearing masks is pretty much the norm in Japan. Gee, do you think that could be why they have one of the lowest Covid case per capita rates or how they pulled off the Olympics without an outbreak? Duh!
Are you Mountain girl ? My questions are valid- especially since Japan doesn’t have the ability to social distance- 11 million commuters on trains travel to Tokyo every morning at 200% capacity… so how has Japan done it ?
What a dense @$$hat you are. M-A-S-K-S you idiot! That’s what “THEY’RE THE NORM” means. Watch any news video from Japan and just about everybody is wearing one. Now go back to your basement.
The facts are that less than 14% of the eligible population in Oregon is not Vaxed. And the majority of that 14% are from populations of color! Who will hold the counties that submitted useless equity plans accountable? Not Mayhor Russell!
Other facts. 5% of deschutes county tested positive. 0.00;% died. If you listen to Barney you’d think we are all about to die.
Don’t be stupid.
holy crap you are off the mark. I am worried about you. COVID-19 in Oregon
Total cases as of Monday, Aug. 9*
Deschutes County cases: 11,119 (240 new cases)
Deschutes County deaths: 87 (zero new deaths)
Crook County cases: 1,492 (13 new cases)
Crook County deaths: 24 (zero new deaths)
So what is the difference between 0.00% died and what you said ( zero new deaths )? I really would like to know the difference.
“the difference” ??? Fake outrage- Girly Hysterics- Political Propaganda ! Funny as hell- that once the loony libs that troll this site all day long- are met with real stats… they muck it all up leaving every to ask WTH was that all about !
Please. Roll call. How many of you anti vaxxers or anti maskers are actually employed as healthcare professionals? I am guessing not one, would even put money on it. I can promise you things look a lot different when you are looking at a vented and sedated Covid patient in the face in your PPE than reading conspiracy theory articles online from the safe comfort of your own home. The hospital is overwhelmed and understaffed as it is and not even by covid patients,if we get another surge things will be looking dire. The level of disrespect shown to healthcare workers by denying science and spreading false information is shameful. We need to take measures again to slow the spread. Does it not occur to anyone that cases started to rise and virus mutate faster once we took masks away? Please stop being so selfish is all we ask. If I can wear a mask (droplet and sometimes N95) for 10 hours at a time, you can wear one for 30 minutes while you grocery shop. This variant is more contagious, no doubt, do your part. Please.
Good post! Thanks!
Oh so now it’s denying science and being a conspiracy theorist when we look at the data ourselves and come to the conclusion that the virus will have very little impact on us based on our own life factors, so we don’t bother getting vaxxed. Get a clue. It’s not about denying science. It’s about looking at the data and coming to our own conclusions about how it will affect us personally.
FathersChild thank you. It is beyond exhausting. And jx: you “looked at the data” and you are “coming to our own conclusions” …but I need to get a clue? This is the problem, and exactly what I am talking about- people thinking that the junk they read online is “data” or that they are performing “research” and that somehow now they think they know more than highly trained scientists, epidemiologists or doctors. You didn’t answer my question, what line of work are you in? Any medical or science background…? Doubt it. All I can say is that if you are not willing to get vaccinated at this time, please do take all other measures to keep yourself and your family safe, mask, distance. From somebody who actually works with covid patients I can assure you, this is real, very dangerous, we are seeing younger patients and nobody out there thinks it is going to to happen to them.
When you tell someone to do their own research, you are just giving them permission to find “data” that makes them feel good about their choices. Problem is, most people do not have sufficient background or experience to know which sources of “data” are reliable. Fact is, with the internet and social media as they are, whatever your stance, you can find something to support it, even if you believe in something ludicrous like Jewish space lasers. It has revealed how unsophisticated the general public is and how easily they can be misinformed and msnipulated. Take a smidgen of truth and mix it with a bunch of BS, and some folks will bet their lives and the lives of their kids on it. It is a flaw that con men have been using to their advantage for some time now.
The idiots that won’t vaccinate aren’t going to mask
I think you are correct for the majority of those who won’t vaccinate, unfortunately. All about “me and my own rights”, no sense of collective responsibility, no motivation to do what is best for all not just one. True colors have come out during these times in a big way. Shameful.
Charlton! We also know that as the virus mutates it becomes weaker! That’s why we need the variants! It’s the only way to her immunity and the destruction of the virus.
Who is Charlton? lol. and…hate to say but the Delta variant is 2 times as contagious as original strain, as well as much higher viral load ( app 1000x more), but apparently you must know something the scientists researching this virus don’t?
Interesting- but off target observation… “cases started to rise and virus mutate faster once we took masks away?”… I’m pretty sure that all happened once Kovid Kate stated that because 70% of the state was vaccinated- Oregon was free to “doff their masks”… So what happened oh scientific one ? Lemme help ya here… those 70% of vaccinated- became the new super spreaders- and you all ran your pie holes about the evils of the non-vaccinated… And as all this was playing out- I told you all- keep yer masks on- this won’t clear till next year… go ahead- check the archives- I’m getting tired of saying- “I told ya so” !
To Stoner. Watch this you li Beta. You won’t. You will talk trash. That’s what is funny. Watch it baby.
After watching you still a tough guy???
This is happening here in bend. At st Charles.
You can never complain about a long eR wait. You fool. Enjoy never having a elective surgery. Such as total hip replawnents. Shoulder, knee , hip. Those fansy heart valve replacements. Nope. Oh you Need a lunar decompression ?? Hahaha. Nope. Not gonna happen until after the first of December. But hey!!!! Things can change.
Wow-Wow-Wow !!! Every single person banging away and bullying individuals for their freedom of choice must watch that video… truly shocking- we’ve seen it here- nonstop- Z21 should have this vid in hand and walk right over to St Charles and ask them to comment.
WTF is a “lunar decompression? I know what an ulnar decompression and lumbar decompression and some other decompression techniques are. But lunar decompression? Are @$$tronuts involved? What a joke you are! Nurse, my @$$!
Lemme guess- because you were side-tracked with another personal attack- you didn’t bother to watch the video. “Selective Ignorance”… your new words of the day !
I did! Did you? Where does the video answer my question, @$$hat?
I guess you have never had a typo… your oh so holy one.
KC claims to be a nurse. As such I’m sure reports on patient care need to be made. If I made a mistake like that while doing my job, I’d be shown the door pronto. Nothing to do with being holy. But competency is a requirement of healthcare professionals. KC can’t put a mistake-free sentence together. So I say again, nurse, my @$$! Some of the people I work for wouldn’t let KC clean a bedpan.
Withhold treatment for willfully unvaxxed and maskless adults. Many problems solved.
Covid is here. It will never be eradicated. It was a man made manipulated virus that got away either accidentally or on purpose. It will keep on mutating. The variants will keep on getting vaccine resistant yet weaker. pretty soon it may be just about as bad as the common cold which has no vaccine either.
We all will probably come down with it, just like a cold or flu, unless you die from cancer or die from a vehicular accident, or any other underlying cause. Vaccinated or not. You really believe that we eradicated the flu over the last year and a half by wearing masks, only to see the surge of Covid? Colds non existent now? WOW. the cool-aid is flowing better than all the breweries in Bend.
So, with your logic… anyone who gets covid and needs treatment, vaccinated or not… should be withheld treatment.
Most of the stupid dems here really do believe that only Republicans are unvaccinated and only Republicans come down with the virus.
Unbelievable how the govt in charge can manipulate your minds.
Thank you Deschutes county commissioners DeBone and Adair for failing to follow Chang and Sally Russells’s ridiculous idea. Only N-95 masks truly provide protection against virus transmission. Those that decide to get the vaccine have ample opportunity to do so. Mandating masks will just encourage the unvaccinated that there is no reason to get vaccinated and that now there is “proof” it doesn’t work. Enough is enough with the government power trips and emergency mandates and measures.
Come 2022 those “progressives” on the city council are as likely as not to be voted out.
Particularly the self-identified Social Democrats of America members.
Mr. Chang, as a new commissioner, likewise should he continue to shrill for the city council.
Just a thought.
ZERO chance they are voted. Out. Any new council members will make this batch look like conservatives.
Bend is DEEP blue now.
Thank you Bend City Council, Bend LaPine School Board, and Mr. Phil Chang. When public officials prioritize safety and wellness, every one benefits.
They’ve got you fooled. If they prioritized safety we would have been requiring proof of vaccination to enter any open to the public enclosed space space back in April
This one is where the progressives really want to take it.
But, after they do all that, then what? What’s next for the covid sheeples?
He is registered as an independent… but more so a Berniecrat.
They lost me on masks when they released prisoners instead of giving them masks.
Good point. I think it was the whole ‘fog of war’ thing at the beginning.
BGHW and Horsesense, at least 2 with common sense. Good for the commission not laying down to these idiots.
Keep pushing that vaccine.
All you nurses and new found doctors, are you that stupid?? Covid is a respiratory virus, that is a fact, there is no vaccine that is effective against a respiratory virus, period, it has animal properties, therefore a vaccine has not been made to do what your wanting it to do, it can’t you morons. The vaccine for polio was affective because, no animal properties are in polio, that is why the vaccine worked. Fear spreading liars with no data to back it up. And the left are getting frustrated because they are losing, so what do they do? Use the child fear tactic, which is horrific and without any moral compass, you will do anything to keep the power hold. And Lerten you have been caught so many times lying and not really putting the accurate news out there, can you not do your job with integrity.
The more specific you get about so-called “lies,” the easier it would be to refute. Thankfully the unfair attackers here have brought many folks to my support who I’d never have hard from otherwise. They sympathize and empathize, and shake their heads at all the hate directed toward me and others here.
What’s an affective vaccine? Does it make you sad? Did you receive any formal education?
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