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There is a new test that people are taking called ‘What’s Your Sexuality Spectrum?’ and it’s different for every person. It has been breaking the internet. People get different results from it.
There have been lots of tests lately, some have been funny and accurate, like the Kink Test which tells you how kinky you are, or the Astronomy Test which tells you how compatible with your crush.
Viral Sexuality Spectrum Quiz: How To Take This Test? Check Here!
Now there is this test that covers what type of sexuality spectrum you are on and people seem to enjoy them all!
Sexuality spectrum quiz – a personality test for various sexualities and orientations. The sexuality spectrum is the range of possible human sexualities, from exclusive heterosexuality to exclusive homosexuality and includes various forms of bisexuality, pansexuality, polysexuality etc.
Did that Sexuality Spectrum thingy. I think I have done it accurately? What do you folks think? For those that know me well enough anyway, haha.
— ☕️Tired Werefox☕️ (@LeafMithras) June 2, 2021

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This is a quiz for those who are interested in finding out where they belong on the spectrum – and it’s all about emojis! ???? Just screenshot an empty template of this quiz (we have included one below), use your favorite emoji to mark which sliding scale you feel fits best, upload it online or keep it private.
The Gender Identity Spectrum is one of the most important aspects to understand when considering autism and gender identity.
It has five main categories: Male, Female, Two-Spirit (both male and female), Transgender/Transsexual; Aromantic, or asexuality are also listed as potential identities on this spectrum.

The intensity can range from feeling more masculine than feminine up to being complete “femme.” Sexual orientation includes heterosexuals that prefer people of different genders only for sex but not intimacy type relationships with them; bisexuals who would have both types of relationship preferences including homosexual individuals which typically means they like the same sexes in an intimate way too! Libido could vary depending on how often someone feels sexual urges at all while still having plenty of desire.
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