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On TikTok, a new challenge is about getting naked and filming people’s reactions.
People often make videos of their friends and family members. They show what it is like through their eyes.
Reactions are a fun part of YouTube fame. The videos are more fun when you or someone else is doing something for the first time. If someone is naked, they show themselves. People often do not realize how much you like to be surprised, so they give the same reactions as others when you show up somewhere unexpected.
What is the Towel Challenge on TikTok
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This is like the Naked Challenge.
The Towel Challenge is when you wear a towel instead of clothes. When someone least expects it, you throw the towel.
You can film your brother or sister’s reaction before you upload it to TikTok.
Finna do the #toweldropchallenge to my boys ♥ #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/JIpidh0NIF
— ????✨Mx. Neeks✨???? (@littlestarpu) April 10, 2020

There are other ways to do the TikTok Towel Challenge. This one doesn’t require you to take off your clothes in front of others.
At the end of the video, it seems like this person is wearing clothes after all! It is a good trick.

Towel challenges are a kind of game people play on the app TikTok.
The hashtag toweldroptrick has 61.8 million views, and the hashtag towelfallchallenge also has 42.1 million!
Reaction challenges are best old-fashioned. People will never get bored of them.
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