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A downtown Hamilton convenience store and one in Ancaster were the target of yet another ‘sexual enhancement’ pill seizure carried out by Health Canada in September.
Inspectors made their second visit in three months to the Big Bee Convenience store at 215 King Street W., on an unspecified date, and pulled multiple brands of alleged sex enhancement products which they claim pose “serious health” risks.
Boss Number Six, Bull Thunder, FX 5000, Rhino Platinum, Rhino Super Long Lasting, and Hard Rock were the brands removed from the store’s shelves.
The same Big Bee outlet was the subject of product removals in July as items containing Yohimbe, tadalafil, sildenafil, desmethyl carbodenafil, and dithiodesmethyl vardenafil were removed by Health Canada since the agency had not approved the ingredients listed on the seized items.
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Meanwhile, Big Bear Food Mart on Castlewood Boulevard in Dundas was also targeted for seizures as product with the monickers Black Mamba Premium, Black Panther, and Stiff Rock were also seized.
In a release, Health Canada said the products in question “have not been approved for safety and effectiveness,” and quite possibly could “contain ingredients not listed on the label,” particularly drugs that possibly exceed the maximum recommended dosages.
The health agency recommends that users stop taking the products and to consult a health care professional if you have used them and have health concerns.
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