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Take advantage of the weather bonuses that rain offers and these Pokemon will really shine.
Generation III of Pokemon introduced a feature that has become a recurring competitive niche: weather. With the ability to deliberately set certain weather conditions on the battlefield, you have options to make the most out of that with certain Pokemon.
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This list will look at the damper side of things: the rainy weather. Rain teams have been one of, if not the most commonly seen weather-based teams out there, and Pokemon with abilities such as Swift Swim and Drizzle make it happen. There are fifteen Pokemon listed here, all of whom are tailor-made to function on a rain team, or at their best when the clouds are dark and the raindrops are falling.
While it was overtaken by Pelipper as the best rain sweeper in Generation VII, it can still function in that role very well.
Of course, what caused Pelipper to overtake it is the fact that Pelipper can do many other things aside from setting the rain. Still, while Politoed isn't as much of a Swiss-army-knife, it can still provide some backup offense with moves like Scald, or be a utility Pokemon with moves like Toxic and Encore.
Ludicolo is the first of many Swift Swim sweepers on this list. While it isn't a go-to in Singles, it works great in Doubles and provides a nice little twist with its unique Water/Grass-typing.
It has access to some of the best attacking moves of its types, such as Leaf Storm, Hydro Pump, and Energy Ball. It also has excellent coverage moves such as Ice Beam and Focus Blast to potentially check the team's weaknesses.
The Electric-type Thunder is a great attack to use in the rain, trading a risky 70% accuracy for a guarantee to never miss. While Zapdos takes advantage of that along with the similarly-boosted Hurricane, one of Heliolisk's abilities works hand-in-hand with rain.
Said ability is Dry Skin, which gives Heliolisk an immunity to Water-type attacks and heals it gradually in the rain. It also has access to Surf, so if you need some backup Water-type offense, it could provide that.
Seismitoad is essentially a budget Mega Swampert, and has replaced it now that Mega Evolutions don't exist in the current games. It performs a lot of the same functions, but with the options of going physical, special, or mixed, all with access to a held item.
It's another Swift Swim sweeper, and you have tons of choices for attacks to teach it. STAB moves are Hydro Pump and Earth Power are staples, and coverage moves like Focus Blast and Sludge Bomb help out a lot.
One of the newer Pokemon on this list has one of the highest Attack stats among Pokemon with Swift Swim. It functions similarly to Kabutops with the Water/Rock-typing.
It also has a wide array of attacking moves, such as Liquidation, Stone Edge, and its signature Jaw Lock. If you really want to make it dangerous, give it Swords Dance for setting up.
This might seem a bit random, but Scizor actually benefits quite a bit from the rain, and is great at offsetting the weaknesses of a mostly Water-type rain team.
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Scizor, a Bug/Steel-type, is deathly weak to Fire-type attacks. Since Fire-type attacks are weakened in the rain, Scizor will be able to take at least two hits from a Fire-type attack without getting knocked out. Its Bug-type coverage can also be useful against the Grass-types that plague most rain sweepers.
As alluded to, Kabutops preceded Drednaw as the prototype Water/Rock-type Swift Swimmer. What puts it above the newer Generation VIII Pokemon is the marginally better utility it can provide.
It has access to Rapid Spin, which not only removes hazards on the user's side on the field, but boosts the user's Speed after a buff in Generation VIII. It also has slightly better coverage moves, with Superpower being practically better than Jaw Lock as a check to Steel-types.
The quintessential special Swift Swim sweeper, Kingdra has a ton of tools in its bag to do work on the offensive end of a rain team.
It has some of the best STAB moves of its Water/Dragon-typing, such as Surf, Hydro Pump, and Draco Meteor. Other moves that really help this Pokemon shine are Hurricane, an excellent coverage move that never misses in the rain, and Flip Turn, which allows it to switch out when needed and keep momentum.
It was a huge deal for rain team aficionados to have a full-blown starter gain a Swift Swim Mega Evolution. Swampert can no longer access this form in Sword & Shield, but it was fun while it lasted.
While it didn't have the access to Flip Turn it has access to now, Waterfall was an excellent STAB option, occasionally causing opponents to flinch. Earthquake was another standard STAB move, and Ice Punch helped deal with Grass-types.
By itself, Dracovish has already proven itself to be one of the most overpowered non-Legendary Pokemon out there. Part of the reason why is its signature move, Fishious Rend, which doubles in power when it goes first.
It's arguably best used in the rain even though it doesn't have Swift Swim, since it boosts Fishious Rend even further. It also has crazy good coverage, with access to Psychic Fangs, Crunch, and Earthquake, alongside STAB Dragon-type moves like Outrage and Dragon Rush.
Similarly to Scizor, the highly defensive Ferrothorn is even better on that end with the rain up, softening any Fire-type blow that comes its way.
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Rather than providing offense as Scizor does, Ferrothorn is mainly there for utility; putting up hazards (Stealth Rock, Spikes) and Leech Seed, and dealing status effects (Thunder Wave, Toxic). Attacking moves such as Body Press, Gyro Ball, and Knock Off aren't unwelcome, though.
Barring any banned Legendaries, Pelipper is easily the best rain sweeper out there. Not only will it set up the rain with its Drizzle ability, but it also comes with a bunch of extra offensive perks.
Being a Flying-type, it has access to Hurricane, which bypasses accuracy in the rain, as well as Hydro Pump or Scald. More importantly, it has access to U-Turn and Roost, both of which help keep it alive to go along with its sneaky-good Defense.
The third Water/Dragon-type to make an appearance on this list, Palkia doesn't really need to be on a rain team to be successful. It would absolutely dominate in the rain, though.
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It can do most of what Dracovish can do, but dialed up to Legendary-level power. It has a learnset that includes not only Surf, Draco Meteor, and even Thunder, but a very good signature move in Spatial Rend.
Barraskewda was an instant success in Sword & Shield's metagame, swiftly taking over as the top dog (...or fish) among Swift Swim sweepers. It's already super fast and super strong as-is, and the fact that Swift Swim boosts its already insane 136 Speed is unfair.
Not only that, but this pure Water-type has access to an incredibly wide pool of attacking moves. STAB standards like Flip Turn, Liquidation, Aqua Jet, and Waterfall are great, but to have moves like Psychic Fangs, Drill Run, Crunch, and Close Combat as well it makes it even better.
In terms of pure strength, Kyogre is easily the best Pokemon on this list with its 680 base stat total. However, that's not the only reason why it tops this list.
Kyogre is the OG rain-setter, at one point being the only Pokemon with Drizzle as an ability. Even though it's been banned to Ubers ever since its release, it could hypothetically be the leader of an incredible rain team there. Generation VIII also happens to be a great time to do so, with new Ubers-stalwart Dracovish working great alongside it.
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